Spring Training Camelback Ranch, part two

Let’s start the pictures with El Guapo de Andre Ethier.  

Spring Training 2011 Andre Ethier.jpg 

 Margie getting her baseball autograph by Tommy Lasorda

Spring Training 2011 024.jpg

Chad Billinsgley!

Spring Training 2011 026.jpg

Kenley Jansen

Thumbnail image for Spring Training 2011 027  Kenley Jansen.jpg 

Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times. 

Spring Training 2011 031 Dylan Hernandez.jpg 

The X man, Xavier Paul

Spring Training 2011 034.jpg

Lorena and Tommy Lasorda

Spring Training 2011 035.jpg
Spring Training 2011 036.jpg

Tommy Lasorda greeting the umpires.  He then went inside the dugout, spend a few innings there then went slowly up the stairs.  Next thing I knew he was upstairs in the booth being interviewed

Spring Training 2011 039.jpg

Matt Kemp, DeJesus next to him while Trayvon Robinson is at bat 

Spring Training 2011 045.jpg 

 Kershaw pitching while Juan Pierre is on third base

Spring Training 2011 048.jpg 

Welcome back home Davey Lopes!

Spring Training 2011 051.jpg 

Jerry Sands

Spring Training 2011 056.jpg

Jerry Sands

Spring Training 2011 057.jpg 


  1. crzblue2

    It was beautiful Russel. And my Dodgers playing against the Cubs.
    Yeah, the place looks more empty than the prior two years but yeah there are some loyal fans that support the team no matter what just like Cub’s fans.

  2. blithescribe

    Wow Emma! You get to meet everyone. Great pics! It’s nice to see that Tommy Lasorda still looks good. It must have been fun to meet Dylan Hernandez too – or maybe you already knew him? I’ll bet he has some great stories to tell.

  3. crzblue2

    I”ll ask him and I will also ask another Dodger beat writer and I’ll pass along what they say.
    I always read him and met him last year at the Dodger caravan. You know in addition to English, he speaks Spanish and Japanese.

  4. raysrenegade

    Looks like there are more than a few budding photo bug starting to develop following on MLBlogs. Great that we all can expand on our fandom by getting unique shots and photos to capture our baseball experiences and bring proof of some of those adventures.
    More and more I wished I had stopped by CamelBack on my journey, but for some odd reason it slipped my mind at the time…..Putting it on the “Bucket List” for future Spring consideration.

    Rays Renegade

  5. crzblue2

    I too wish you would have stopped at Camelback Ranch and that you would have emailed me and told me you were so close to my house! I would have taken you out to lunch or dinner. I hope there is a next time my friend.

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