Follow the Dodgers from LA to AZ to NV

 Our last trip to Arizona included a trip to Las Vegas to see the Dodgers play against the Cubbies.  Our first stop was Camelback Ranch to watch the Boys in Blue practice.  We saw Loney so we sang to him:

Afterwards we headed to Surprise Stadium 

Spring Training 2011 LA to LV to NV 002.jpg 

If you can see the score, the Dodgers are losing in the 4th inning 3 to 9.  Things were going to get worst than that.

I forget in what inning, but Wilson Betemit (Ex Dodger) came to bat and I got hit with a foul ball.   It did not feel as bad as when I got hit a few years back at Dodger Stadium by a Heep Seop Choi foul ball

Spring Training 2011 LA to LV to NV 029.jpg 

Next time this is going to be me catching a foul ball like this!    

Spring Training 2011 LA to LV to NV 004.jpg

Meanwhile the score now at the top of the 8th  Kansas City Royals 19, Dodgers 7. 

Spring Training 2011 115.jpg


On the road now to Las Vegas to follow our Dodgers!  But first a little detour to Sedona, AZ

Spring Training 2011 116.jpg

We stopped quite a few times to take pictures. 

Spring Training 2011 123.jpg


We got to Vegas like 11:30 at night and the following day we scrambled to get tickets as the game was sold out.   After checking a few websites, we were able to get two tickets together and a single one.  That meant we had to go to two different places to pick them up.  The first stop was drive to Sams Town area, the next stop was to drive to the strip by .the Mandalay Bay to pick up the two tickets.   Ok, now on our way to Cashman Stadium. 

The game was a close one but lots of running blunders by the Dodgers.    We got into a little heckling with Cubbie fans.  One sitting next to us was asking us  “why don’t you root for the Angels?” Which we told him “Why don’t you root for the White Sox?”  It was all in good fun.  

Spring Training 2011 167.jpg 


Vin Scully made the trip to Las Vegas as he was broadcasting his first Spring Training game.

Spring Training 2011 170.jpg

 Prior to the game, from the lower section, I yelled “VIN SCULLY!  WE LOVE YOU!”   I did it three times until the lady sitting next to him saw me and heard  me so she told Vin.   Vin got up, saluted me from above then he  saw my t-shirt and gave me the A OK sign!  The lady asked me to turn around so Vin could see the back.  Vin again gave the OK sign!    It was a great moment!


Dodgers lost to the Cubs by one run.  Wtih that, we headed back to LA.  

Next stop:  Dodger Stadium for the Freeway Series then on to Opening Day March 31st.  



  1. crzblue2

    You brok your thumb!? Ouch! I actually forgot to mention that a friend of mine on FB, posted that the following day Wilson Betemit hit another lady with a foul ball. Woman beater! lol.

  2. singledaddyof2

    Glad to see/hear that your injury wasn’t worse, Emma! Nice story about Vin and your shirt–thanks for sharing!


  3. crzblue2

    Thanks Andy! I’ve been lucky twice that I was not hit on the head or face.
    Glad you watched the game, especially with the Cubbies winning. It was nice seeing Zambrano starting the game.
    Thanks Virginia! signing off key but heck, it is from the heart! Love my boys just like you love your boys πŸ™‚

  4. blithescribe

    Your shirt is fantastic! I’m glad Vin got to see it and acknowledged it. There is a billboard on the 605 on my way home from work advertising the Dodgers, with a sepia toned photo of Vin and the tagline, It’s time for the voice of summer. Very apt! Your interaction with the Cubbies was cute. β€œWhy don’t you root for the Angels?/Why don’t you root for the White Sox?” I think that’s hilarious. So glad you has fun this spring!

  5. crzblue2

    Yes Jane, bad Wilson Betemit, especially ’cause I heard he hit another woman the day after me. Actually silly me, but honestly I lost the ball in the sun.
    Thanks Kristen! 605? I am going to have to travel on the 605 to see it. I do live close to the 605 between the 10 and the 210 though. Hope is close to that. There is a black and white one with Fernando Valenzuela saying “Is Time for Dodger Beisbol!”

  6. crzblue2

    Oh I am fine now. Bruise went away. haha, yeah I am a ball magnet. I got a baseball yesterday but It was handed to me on my hand πŸ™‚
    Thanks Catherine! Yeah, why can’t those players aim better? πŸ™‚ In all seriousness I should have done better.

  7. blithescribe

    Emma – The Vin Scully billboard is on the northbound side of the 605 and I think it’s b/t the 10 and the 60. I’ll have to check tomorrow on my way home. If you live off the 605 b/t the 10 and the 210, howdy neighbor. I live right at the top of the 605. πŸ™‚
    This is a very simple game…

  8. crzblue2

    Well howdy neihbor back to you Kristen! Usually I travel the 210 or 10 and get off at Myrtle or Peck. Will have to look for the billboard.
    Happy Opening Day Eve! Woohoo!!

  9. Desi munoz

    Hey there I was wondering where you got your shirt? Please let me know. My boyfriend is a huge skully fan

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