We are back! The fan MLB Blogs have been updated!

Thank you to Mark and all the MLB helpers that worked on the transition.  Working in IT, I know how migrations can take long,long  hours.  

Dodgers have been in a rut.  They lost two out of three from the D’backs.   Now they lost the first game against the Brewers.   Is rare that we get two two-game series back to back.  The first two with the Brewers and the second two game series with the Giants.  

Talking about the Giants, I was happy to hear that Bryan Stow was able to be moved closer to home.   I always keep him in my prayers that he will recover.   it must have been so hard on his family living out of a hotel in order to be close to him.   Get well Bryan.  

Today was the Dodgers home game #22.  I have been to all the home games so far.  It was a cold night at the Ravine and the Dodgers bats have been even colder.  

Rain is expected for tomorrow but hopefully the game gets underway.  So far this season there has been more cancelled games due to the weather than all season last year. 

Kuroda-san matches up against ex Dodger Randy Wolf Tuesday night.   Go Dodgers!


    • crzblue

      Oh Mark, thst is tough to be rain out all weekend. it only sprinkled here tonight. dodgers winning 2 to 0 at the end of six
      od is officia

  1. mlblogsstrictlycubsbaseball

    We’ve had a ton of rain here in Southern Illinois as well. I live within an hour of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. The flooding has been unbelievable. Anyway, glad to hear you’be been able to make it to all the home games. That is wonderful! I wish I was able to do that. We only have an independent league team called the Southern Illinois Miners where I live. We go to some of the games and would probably go to even more if they were a minor league affiliate of any organization.



  2. Phillies Outside

    Hey Emma, glad you made it through the transition and found your way to the otherside in wordpress.. and congrats on #31 in the April listings… enjoy the inter-league weekend.


  3. crzblue

    Thanks Peter! Woohoo! And I have not been posting much. Need to catch up. Work and Dodger games and life has me busy but I’ll be back baby!

    Catherine, yep! Here I am at game #26 listening to our organist right now

  4. This is a very simple game...

    I wasn’t un-happy with the old MLBlogs but WordPress has some promise. I too was impressed with the transition. I’m usually on the coordinating end of such transitions and have seen them go real wonky real fast. The Dodgers will perk up soon, probably just in time to make things tough for us. 🙂 I have tickets for the Saturday Freeway Series game at Your Lady of Chavez Ravine and am quite excited.
    — Kristen

  5. Emma

    Please let me know where you will be sitting! I’d like to meet you in person if you don’t mind. Game is at 1:10 at My Lady! No Vin that day, boo to that.

  6. Rays Renegade

    I think all of us will stub our toes a bit in the coming weeks trying to get the “best” quality blog theme and widgets, gidgets, and possibly midgets going for our improved MLB blogs.
    Do wish we still had a way to see “Recent Activity” so I can see the newbies blogs and welcome them and see what they are going to offer to the MLB melting pot.
    Glad to see you made it through the purge, and hope Mrs McCourt doesn’t get any say so in the Dodger’s future…..I think she has done enough redecorating of a cherished franchise ( in my opinion).

  7. Michael David

    I agree with RR, that the ‘Recent Activity’ portion will be missed. I had some struggles on my end, but it looks like I’ve got everything working somewhat now. Great to here about Stow, and that they possibly have the perp in custody, so he can get what he deserves. Good luck to the Dodgers.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

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