Happy Memorial Day! Thank You to those that have served Our Country

A year ago on Memorial Day I posted this post:   http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2010/05/31/memorial-day-in-flanders-fields-we-shall-keep-the-faith/.  It contains the two poems “In Flanders Field” by Lieutenant-Colonel John Mc Crae and “We Shall Keep the Faith” from Mona Michael.    They are two powerful poems.     

To all those that have served our country and specially those that paid with their lives, a big thank you!    Like the poem “WeShall Keep the Faith” says “The blood of heores never dies.”  

I found this list of Brooklyn Dodger players in service during WW11:

Rex Barney
Boyd Bartley
Jack Bolling
Bobby Bragan
Les Burge (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Al Campanis
Hugh Casey
Claude Corbitt
Cliff Dapper
Lloyd “Dutch” Dietz
John Douglas
Red Durrett
Al Falzone (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Herman Franks
Larry French
Roland Gladu
Jack Graham (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Ray Hathaway
Joe Hatten (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Chris Haughey
Ed Head
Billy Herman
Gene Hermanski
Kirby Higbe
Gil Hodges
Chet Kehn
Frank Laga (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Cookie Lavagetto
Vic Lombardi
Cal McLish
Gene Mauch
Rube Melton
Eddie Miksis
Mickey Owen
Don Padgett
Pee Wee Reese
Pete Reiser
Lew Riggs
Johnny Rizzo 
Stan Rojek
Bill Sayles
Joe Soskovic (minor league player on Dodgers roster)

In addition from the Los Angeles Dodgers, we have Roy Gleason


Roy Gleason at Dodger Stadium during a Camera Day. 

Roy Gleason





  1. This is a very simple game...

    Great posts Emma. Thank you for always keeping us mindful of our veterans and those who never made it home. In Flanders Field is always so powerful and I had never read We Shall Keep the Faith before, also very powerful.
    — Kristen

    • WrigleyRegular

      I thought the same thing as Phillie, thats a lot of players from one team. Makes me wonder about Cubs in the military.

  2. The Wizard of Ozzie

    One cool thing that strikes me about baseball back in the ’40s was how players put their country ahead of their careers and went to serve. I get that society in general has changed since then, but I also think that $10 million contracts have something to do with it.

  3. crzblue

    You are welcome WG
    Catherine, I read that during WW1 you could go to war or work in a company that made war related items so that was a way some for baseball players fulfil the requirement.

  4. Randy Stern

    I saw the clip on MLB.com where Vin read the “Flanders Field” poem on the Dodgers telecast. I thought it was mainly a Commonwealth (Canada, UK, Australia) tradition to do that, but I was wrong. Vin recited it so movingly – I thought it was the best moment on Memorial Day – next to the marriage proposal at Kauffman Stadium in KC…

    – Randy

  5. crzblue

    Did not see the marriage proposal. Haha. Hey! yes, I am going to Target Field. My friend Lorena and I will be there for the three game series! Can’t wait!

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