Dodgers score 5 runs, we can score too!

Johnny Rockets has a special “When the Boys in Blue Score, We Score”   I like it!  The Dodgers score 5 runs and we can go to Johnny Rockets and score with a $5 Hamburger combo.    Here is the flyer:

For me, the closest one is at the Arcadia, Pasadena, Alhambra or Monterey Park.   Among other locations, there is also Burbank, Long Beach, Farmer Market area, Universal City Walk, TO, etc. 

Dodgers lost yesterday to the Tigers but they did score 5 runs.   Today Is an off day for the Dodgers so I think I am heading to Johnny Rockets after work.   Dodgers play the Angels starting Friday night.   Go Dodgers!  


Vote for Matt Kemp!   Vote for Andre Ethier!


  1. C

    Went yesterday to JR in Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga and used our tix from Tuesday night. They have a real good hamburger! We were the first to use our tix there. Hope we get a lot more chances!


  2. Emma

    Oh! so you need a ticket? I gave my tickets to a security lady at Dodger Stadium since I could not get away from work but I did keep one. Me too, hope we get lots of chances.

  3. emma

    Hey Virginia! Thanks for voting for our guys. Not happy with all that is going on on the NO but I can root for my boys on the field.

  4. MIke G

    Where does it say you need to have a ticket for this promo? I don’t see any detais. Thanks! Go Dodgers!

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