Wes Parker Video at SABR 41 in Long Beach, CA

Greetings everyone!   I have not been able to load my pictures from my trip to Minnesota & also from the SABR41 convention.  But I have this video of Wes Parker when we caught him outside one of the sessions.    I love Wes Parker’s   love for the game. 

I had such a great time at the convention.   Everyone was so nice and friendly.   Love the fangraph group, loved talking to lots of people there.   I bought some great books.   I love the volunteering, going to the tour of old baseball ballparks in LA.   Never knew that there was a ballpark in Vernon so close to where the Farmer John company is.   Loved listening to Rob Neyer, Dennis Gilbert, Al Ferrara, Tommy Davis,  Francisco Balderrama, oh just everyone! 

Loved going back to Dodger Stadium with the group & going to my first trip to see the Storms against the Visalia Rawhides.  Did you know that  the Rawhides is locally-owned and operated by Tom and his cousin, Kevin O’Malley?   Tom’s grandfather was the legendary Walter O’Malley. 

SABR41 was a great experience and I made some  wonderful friends like Abby& Kent in this picture:


 I need to go to Minnesota next year where SABR42 will be held.   Also SABR43 will be in Philadelphia!  

Enjoy the video 

7/25/11.  It worked embedding the video!   

Video by me.  pic by Maxwell Kates


  1. This is a very simple game...

    You have the most fun Emma! I wish I’d had time and funds to go to SABR. Oh well, one of these years. 🙂 I did know the O’Malley kids were involved with Visalia. I’m glad the family still has current baseball ties…I wish they still were involved with the Dodgers.
    — Kristen

  2. crzblue

    That was the SABR convention to go to Kristin since it was in Long Beach. Me too, KRistin, wished the O’Malleys were still involved with the Dodgers….

    • 32and53fan

      In case you didn’t already know, there is a great book that profiles the life of Walter O’Malley and covers the move to Los Angeles. It is called “Forever Blue” and is written by Michael D’Antonio. I checked out a copy from the library and just finished it.

  3. Emma

    IT was a blast and yes , I got friends in Minnesota 🙂
    It was great listening to Wes Paker. He still has such passion for Baseball. The stories that he was telling were priceless. I also got to listen to All Ferrara & Tommy Davis. Could listen those three for hours.

  4. cpompe1

    Hey Emma! I know, I know. It’s been too long. I saw your video with Wes Parker; loved it! And no, I didn’t know the answer to the MVP that hit 8th in the batting order! Hope all is going well. I just put a few posts on ITD (not that anyone will read it since many are on the other site). Oh well. Catch up with ya later…

  5. crzblue

    I’ve seen the book but have not bought it or checked it out of the library. I bought 2 books at SABR41 convention and we got another one in the goodie bag. Also Kent, who I met at SABR41 emailed me his copy of “Five O’Clock Comes Early” by Bobby Welch. I never read it so that is my next read. BUT I will read the book you suggested. So many books so little time. I also have the book “You Can’t Hit the Ball wih the bat on your shoulders. by Bobby Bragan. It is signed from back in 1984. My friend Lorena found it in Dallas and she brought to me. She is sweet.

  6. Abby Rosario

    Hey Emma!
    Congrats on ranking #16 on mlb fan blogs! Hope you can make it to NY next month to visit the monument to Ebbets Field (the new Citifield).

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