Dodger “Think Clue” Scavenger Hunt

Saturday August 8th, the Dodgers held a special Scavenger hunt throughout Los Angeles.   I decided to participate but I was not as prepared as some other fans.  Some anticipated locations.  A father and son decided to start at the LA Coliseum so they guessed one of the locations.  Another one decided to already start at the Universal City Walk where there is a Dodger Store but that was not one of the locations.   

At 10:00 a.m. the Dodgers sent a tweet with the locations where five special Dodger Items were “hidden” throughout Los Angeles.  the locations were:  

Dodger Stadium, parking lot P by the Top of the Park where Kenny Landreaux was with the 1981 World Series trophy. 

@Dodgers #thinkclue 

  A strip of grass from Dodger Stadium located at the Angel’s Flight railway station in Downtown LA @Dodgers   #thinkclue

Los Angeles Boys and Girls Dreamfield had the Dodgers Kids Backpack


Duke Snider Bobblehead was located at Vin Scully’s star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame


a 1944 throwback Brooklyn jersey and hat that was located at the Los Angeles Coliseum@Dodgers #thinkclue

All participants got a pair of tickets that we selected from the list.  Tickets will be on Will Call on day of game.    I had fun doing this and will do it again if the Dodgers offer it again.  

The top five winners received two field-level tickets to each game during the club’s upcoming six-game homestand (Aug 8-14) and will be brought down onto the field prior to a designated game to meet Dodgers manager Don Mattingly and watch batting practice.  

Team Penguino took first place and Steve Chai’s team took second.  Another winner was team Attamiamo and Ayala.

ref;, Ben Platt


  1. Emma

    Hey Jenn. Yeah, that was a lot of fun. I would do the scanvenger hunt again if they do it next year but I would be more prepared the second time around. I love the throwback unis. The guys look like little boys in their pajamas :-). Another thing I like is the half price on food and drinks and more Nancy Bea playing the organ of old music.
    I just wished the Phillies would have worn throwback unis too. We have one more Throwback day with the Padres on Wednesday 8/30.

  2. cpompe1

    Hey Emma!
    I was looking for you a couple of weeks ago when mom and I saw you before the game, but I didn’t find you. No, I didn’t get off my rear end and walk around (I was busy keeping score) but I didn’t see you anyways. You were probably there, and I just didn’t notice. Sorry. My mom and I will be at this Sunday’s game – mom’s usual seats. Let me now if you’ll be roaming around the Reserved section.


  3. Emma (@crzblue)

    Carol, I was one or two rows aisles from you. I was sitting with a friend.
    Here I an at Matt Kemp’s signing. We came right after the game. It is colder right now about 5 am because of the marine layer here in Redondo Beach.

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