Beer Road Trip for the Dodgers but I am heading to New York

I leave tomorrow morning for New York!  I am excited about my trip!   I will be staying with my friend Abby who I met at the SABR41 convention in Long Beach, CA.  Abby is a Yankee fan.   Yankees are away so what she planned first is to watch a Brooklyn Cyclone game on Thursday evening.  

The forecast while I am there is:  Isolated thunder storms.   Thunder storms is one thing that I am afraid of but I’ll try not to have it bother me  *crosses fingers*  

Saturday we will be going to Citi Field for a SABR/Baseball Prospectus event.  Details here then watch the Mets against the Brewers.   Abby convinced me to go after she so nice to offer for me to stay with her.   I don’t know what else she has made plans for but whatever it is I am looking forward to it all!  

The Beer Road Trip for my Dodgers and some Dodger fans. 

My boys are in Milwaukee until Thursday, then they fly to Colorado for a three game weekend series then is on to ST Louis.  I was trying to workout my flight to maybe stop at Milwaukee first or St Louis at the end but too complicated.   My friend William (Deuce’s dad) told me “Emma, I got tickets for you if you want to go to St Louis.   He is on the road to St Louis.  Last time I checked he was in Oklahoma, home of Matt Kemp.   Here is Deuce:


I’ve taken a tour of Coors Brewery in Colorado and of Anheuser Bush when I was in St Louis but never been to Milwaukee.   Several people sported Dodger tattoos.Friend Cindy (see her Dodgers tatoo)  and her husband are driving to Colorado to see the Dodgers there.  

Friend Cynthia who is an usher at Dodger Stadium is also going to Colorado but she is landing there then renting a car to go to Mount Rushmore.  I never been there.   I might run into her in Denver as I am making a stop there.   She might be catching a game on her way back to Colorado.   You all have a safe trip and see you all back at Dodger Stadium!

Start spreading the news….New York New York..


  1. Jane Heller

    Too bad your NY trip doesn’t coincide with a home game for the Yankees. But not to worry about the weather. It’s cleared up and the skies look just fine. Safe travels.

  2. strictlycubsbaseball

    I went to Colorado last month and the fans and staff working there were amazingly friendly. Coors Field is beautiful and a great baseball environment. I hope you have a safe trip to New York and miss any thunderstorms.


  3. Emma (@crzblue)

    Jane, yeah could not work it out to watch the Yankees. It would have been nice!
    Ron, I take it you saw your Cubs there? Coors field Is nice.
    Jeff, thought you would like a beer tour.
    Virginia, yeah too bad I can’t see the Yankees, still got th visit that stadium. maybe next year

  4. crzblue

    Thanks Kristen. Had a wonderful time with friend Abby there. Citi Field was great as well as where the Brooklyn Cyclones play. Too bad I could not catch the Yankees in town but I’ll leave that for another trip. Maybe in 2013 when Citi Field hosts the All Star game.

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