Short Video telling Vin Scully “Thank you!” and “We Love you!”

What  a great day it was Friday night when Vin Scully announced that he is coming back next year for his 63rd year with the Dodgers! At the time of the announcement the Dodgers were losing 1-0. Next inning the Dodgers like if they knew, stared hitting.
Dodgers score 6 runs in the 7th with Matt Kemp launching his 30th home run to join Raul Mondesi as the only members of the 30-30 club.  Matt Kemp  now has 31 stolen bases.
After the game I just had to go tell Vin Scully thank you for making the decision to come back for one more season. We Dodger fans are blessed to have Vin Scully with us for 62+ years.   Here is the short video that my friend Lorena taped:  

Thank you Lorena!

Here is another video telling Vin we Love him. 


Well I am off to Dodger Stadium early today as I am a volunteer for SABR today to recruit new members.   Come stop by in the Reserved section.


  1. This is a very simple game...

    Congratulations to Matt Kemp on joining the 30-30 club this season! And I don’t think he’s anywhere near done yet. 🙂 Your videos are adorable. I am so glad Vin Scully signed on with the Dodgers for another year. He is a national treasure and the game just won’t be the same when he does decide to retire.
    — Kristen

  2. Emma

    Not only are we getting Vin Scully back but HOF Jaime Jarrin who has been broadcasting the Dodger games in Spanish for the last 53 years announced he is also coming back for his 54th season. So 2012 will be Vin’s 63rd and Jaime’s 54rd year. Unbelievable ha?

  3. Mike Sebastian

    What I love about Vin is that he speaks as if he were a wize uncle sitting in the chair next to me. I don’t always have to listen to him as he prattles about statistics from 1889, but if I care to pay attention I could learn a little. He never seems to stop talking but he always has something worthwhile to say. I’ve been listening to Vin all my life as far as I can remember, and that spans over 50 years. Keep it up, Vin.

  4. Emma (@crzblue)

    Late responding. being so busy. Thanks Ron!
    Randy, Isnt great we r getting both of them back? Jaime is a class act. a true gentleman that always has time when I stop him to greet him.
    Mike, welcome. I am always learning something from Vin. Love his baseball

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