Honoring the Brooklyn Dodger players alive as of January 12, 2012

For the last three years I’ve been maintaining this list keeping track of our old Brooklyn Dodgers.   When I did last year’s post   http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2011/01/09/honoring-the-brooklyn-dodger-players-alive-as-of-january-10th-2011/  on January 10, it started with a video of Duke Snider in the game show “What is my Line”    Sad that in 2011, we lost nine of these players including the Duke.

We have 44 surviving Brooklyn Dodger Players.  Let’s see how the list look using WordPress.  Before I had trouble copying an Excell worsheet into my blog.

Name Birthplace.  Other info Born
Mike Sandlock  Old Greenwich, CT.  Golfer 10/17/1915
Ray Hathaway  Grinville, OH.  Minor league manager 10/13/1916
Lee Pfund    ILL.  His son was manager of Miami Heats 10/10/1919
Luis Olmo       Puerto Rico.  Played for Mexico and Cuba 10/11/1919
Boyd Bartley   Chicago.  Played in nine games in 1949   2/11/1920
Jean-Pierre Roy Canada.  Commentator for the Expos 6/26/1920
Pat McGlothin  Coalfield, TN.  Ezra Mac was a pitcher 10/20/1920
Andy Pafko                    Boiceville, IL.  Lives in Mount Prospect, IL 2/25/1921
Marv Rackley                Seneca, SC.  Left fielder.   Debut: April 15, 1947.  7/25/1921
Chuck Kress                 Philadelphia.  Lefty first baseman. 12/9/1921
Eddie Basinski             Buffalo, NY.  Nickname:  The Fiddler, Bazzoka 11/4/1922
Don Lund       Detroit, Mi.  Part time Outfielder in 1945, 1947  5/18/1923
Tim Thompson   Coalport, PA.  Full name: Charles Lemoine Thompson.   3/1/1924
George Shuba  Youngstown, OH.  Nickname: shotgun.   12/13/1924
Ed Stevens    Gavelston, TX.  Coach for the Padres in 1981 1/12/1925
Johnny Rutherford  Ontario, CN.  Pitcher. Nickname: Doc  5/5/1925
 Wayne Terwilliger  Clare, Mi.  Coach under Ted Williams 6/27/1925
Chris Haughey   Astoria, NY.  Pitcher.  Appeared in one game at 18   10/3/1925
 Ralph Branca   Mount Vernon, NY.  http://ww.ralphbranca.com  1/6/1926
Bob Borkowski    Dayton, OH.  Traded for Joe Black 1/27/1926
Randy Jackson   Little Rock, AR.  Nickname:  “Handsome Ransom” 2/10/1926
Dick Teed    Springfield, MA.  One at bat in 1953 3/8/1926
Don Newcombe Madison, NJ.  Still working for the Dodgers 6/14/1926
 Bobby Morgan Oklahoma city.  Infielder for the Dodgers  6/29/1926
Charlie Osgood  Sommerville, MA  appeared in one game at 17 11/23/1926
Carl Erskine   Anderson, IN   http://www.carlerskine.com/ 12/13/1926
Preston Ward    Columbia, MO.  APF Cubs, Indians, Pirates & A. 7/24/1927
Rocky Bridges     Refugio, TX.  Infielder, coach & minor league mgr 8/7/1927
 Tommy Lasorda    Norristown, PA.  HOF.  61 years with the Dodgers 9/22/1927
 Tommy Brown       Brooklyn, NY.  Also played for Phillies & Cubs 12/6/1927
 Joe Landrum         Columbia, SC.  Pitcher. Given name: Joseph Butler   12/13/1928
 Joe Pignatano    Brooklyn, NY.  Catcher and coach 8/4/1929
Roger Craig          Durham, NC.  Pitcher, coach and manager 2/17/1930
 Ron Negray           Akron, OH.  Also played for the Phillies  2/26/1930
Glenn Mickens         Wilman, CA  Afterwards became coach for UCLA  7/26/1930
 Don Zimmer             Cincinnati, OH.  Currently working for the Rays 1/17/1931
 Ed Roebuck        East Millboro, PA.  relief pitcher and scout 7/3/1931
 Fred Kipp             Iqua, KS.  Also pitched for the Yankees        10/1/1931
 Chico Fernandez     Cuba. SS.  APF Phillies, Tigers and Mets  3/2/1932
Jim Gentile      San Francisco, CA.  Hitting coach for Flyers    6/3/1934
 Don Demeter     Oklahoma City.  CF.  Now a Baptist minister    6/25/1935
Sandy Koufax       Brooklyn, NY.  HOF Greatest Lefthander Pitcher  12/30/1935
Bob Aspromonte        Brooklyn, NY.  Resides in Houston, TX  6/19/1938
Rod Miller      Portland, OR.  He played in one game in 1957 1/16/1940

Here is to you guys!  May you have a healthy happy 2012 from the oldest Mike Sandlock at 96 to the youngest Rod Miller turning 72 on January 16th.   This Dodger fan salute you all!


  1. Chuck Carey

    Thanks for compiling this list and honoring these guys. I see one tiny mistake. The correct name of “the fiddler” was Eddie Basinski.
    Chuck, from the Allan Roth SABR chapter

  2. Emma

    Thank you so much Chuck! ::enbarrassed:: I corrected. I had to redo the list and missed that.
    I am looking forward to SABR Day January 28th!

  3. Crofty

    that’s a great list you have maintained and i found it fascinating to spot 7 old MILW Braves players on your list ( Negray, Olmo, Pafko, Rackley, Schuba, along with Bridges and Fernandez – although only for an hour or so each). i have a nice signed 8×10 of George “Shotgun” Shuba in his old MILW Braves uniform (taken at Ebbets Field), but i have no idea WHEN he was on the MILW Braves roster. although he did not appear in any games with the Braves, do you know WHEN he might have worn the red, white and blue MILW Braves uniform in the early 1950s?
    Crofty 🙂

  4. Emma

    thanks. You peaked my interest. Do you think I can see a picture of the picture? George Shuba had a website. Wait I just checked and is working again. Maybe you can find out thru there at http://www.georgeshuba.com .
    I know ha? 🙂 I would love to go to his church and just chat with him.
    Wow Ed! that is great! I saw Tony Malinosky at Dodger Stadium when he was being honored. The picture that I posted of him with Tommy Lasorda is from that game.

  5. Emma

    You are so welcome DBB. I heard that you also went to one of Clayton & Ellen Kershaw book signings. I started reading the book. Very inspirational.

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  7. Len Scotto

    My grandfather Lee Scott, he dropped the o because of prejudice against Italians back then, was the traveling secretary for the Brooklyn Dodgers during the 1950’s. i would love to talk with some of the surviving members about my grandfather. I wonder do you have any connection with any of these guys? If so I would love to realize this dream. Thanks, Len

    • Emma

      Mr. Scotto, thank you so much for posting here! I forwarded your comment to the Dodger historian. Hopefully you hear from people like Bill Delurry. Who still works for the Dodgers.
      Once again thanks!

    • Paul ("Pete") Worthman

      My father, Herman Worthman, was one of Lee’s closest friends from childhood when they played ball through their deaths. Are you Robert’s son? (whom I really didn’t know, but recall his name…I think). I remember Lee from when i was six (1947) and think of him often as I reminisce about my childwood. Not only did we see him at ballgames, including going down to Philadelphia to stay at the hotel with him after the Dodgers first went to LA, but my father did his and Ida’s (I think that’s her name) and the family taxes each year (I’m blanking his sister’s name), and we would go out to his house my father would do the taxes and I would gorge myself on wonderful 7 course Italian meals. I was an obsessive baseball nut as a kid, (changed my first name to “Pete” for Pete Reiser when I was five) and played baseball through high school; in fact, I have memories of Lee coming over to our house a few times and playing catch with him. After I moved to LA in 1970 my family and I would get tickets from Lee and see him. My wife and I got xmas cards until he was no longer with the Dodgers.
      My regards to you ….. what a delight to see a note from you as I was thinking about Dodger Welcome Home Dinners I went to (courtesy of Lee) in the late 1940s, especially 1947, and began to wander around the internet).

      Hope this reaches you

    • Howard Haimann

      Len: This is a “shot in the dark” and may come up empty, but you can’t tell if you don’t try. An alert friend of mine (as well as a fellow Brooklyn Dodger fan) came across your correspondence in Google regarding Lee Scott, and being aware of my connection and admiration for Lee, lead me to this attempt to reach you.
      My father was a very close friend of Lee during their school days in Brooklyn and I believe they graduated together from Erasmus Hall H. S. in about 1924. He then moved to Morristown, N. J. to join his older brother in the jewelry business which had been started a few years earlier. He eventually met my Mother and after a long courtship during the depression, they were married and I arrived about a year later. His friendship with Lee remained close during all the remaining years the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, and has resulted in my having many fond memories of multiple trips to Ebbets Field during the 1946 to 1957 period. I also met Lee once more after that at a Dodger game in Los Angeles during a vacation trip in1962. I since have collected much Brooklyn Dodger memorabilia including a few pieces relating to Lee Scott which helps keep that those wonderful memories alive.
      I would love the chance to speak to you and share these thoughts. My phone number in N.J. is (973) 538-6727 or if you prefer, please send me your phone # by return e-mail, and I will be happy to call you. Thank you, Howard Haimann

  8. Robert

    I am interested in knowing which of these still living Dodgers, other than Ralph Branca, played on the 1947 team with Jackie Robinson? Also, if it isn’t too much work (I realize it might be) could you indicate what years each of these players played for the Dodgers? Thanks!

  9. crzblue

    Robert, thank you for stopping by. I’ll do that but perhaps you want to look at the list as of January 2013 instead of 2012. Here is the link. Also in the blog, you click on categories like I have a category called “Brooklyn Dodgers” Also the search can be used. Thanks for the suggestion! -Emma

  10. Billy Galante

    Thank you for showing me the names of these amazing athletes. At that time ball players were just ordinary people but in person bigger than life. The original boys of summer playing the game that we all fell in love with when it was just a game. my wish is one day to meet these men and shake their hands for a job well done. God bless them. and may they stay healthy throughout the remaining years

  11. crzblue

    Hm… Interesting.. he played with the Hornell Dodgers from 1950 Pensylvania-Ontario-New York League. The Brooklyn Dodgers were affiliated with the Hornell Dodgers. Thank you for making me look for this information.

  12. Joe Bloomfield

    Eddie “bazook” Basinski, a favorite back then. Also Tommy Brown who was 16 when he signed with the Dodgers in 1944. Ed stevens and Howie Schultz Alternated at 1B. Die hard Dodger fan back then until they moved to LA.

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