Third Year MLB Fan Blog anniversary & Dodger Blogs Softball Tournament

Today February 13th is my third year anniversary with my MLB Fan Blog  I am not posting as often as I used to but I’ll get back into the swing again.   Three years!   2011 I met two bloggers that used to have a blog here, Randy from Minnesota with his Heirloom blog and Mike from Brooklyn with his blog TheBrooklynTrolleyblogger.  It was a pleasure meeting you two.  I also got to meet Angel fan Kristin from This is a Very Simple Game MLB blog. I hope to meet more bloggers this 2012.     Thank you everyone that continue to read my blog or have found me googleing something about the Dodgers.   One of these people that found me googleing something about the Brooklyn Dodgers is Dr. Tri.  His son and other fellow student have a great baseball project that I hope to keep tabs on and will keep you informed. 

Dodger Blogs Softball Tournament.    I had a great time playing for Evan’s Blog team Kingman’s Performance!   The tournament was at the Big League Dreams in West Covina.  This facility has replica fields from the Dodgers, Angels, Tiger Stadium, Yankee Stadium (the new one), Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.   We played three games at the Dodger Field, Tigers and Fenway Park replicas.   I alternated the catching  job with Esperanza, Evan’s wife.   Thank God I did or else I would have been more sore the following day.  Confession:  I am a terrible hitter but everyone was patient with me including the umpire who is a Yankee fan and even Gary and Jon SooHoo from the Left Field Pavilion team that we were playing against were rooting for me to get a hit 🙂   Thank you for inviting Evan to be part of the team 

Here are some pictures:

Esperanza who scored the only run in the first game (score VSIMHB 16, KP 1) against Roberto’s team 1 

Evan who runs a great blog at OpinionofKingman’s Performance and Ron (AKA Fansince53) .  Ron is a big Dodger fan that sits in the Left Field Pavilion.  If you saw the movie “Bluetopia”, you saw Ron there. 

Roberto checking out his team

Jeanine, Emma and Pat 🙂  (I knew it was Pat, but I wanted to make sure). 

We are losing 8-1 but look at the scoreboard!  We are playing in the Dodger Stadium replica.  The scoreboard has game one of the 1988 World Series with kirk Gibson at bat, bottom of the 9, 3 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs. 

Jeanine batting

My friend Jon SooHoo playing against us for the Left Field Pavilion team 1.   Wish we had him in our team.  He can hit!  he hit a three run homerun in our game. 

My friend Gary playing for the LFP team too.

Gary in the dugout with his team the LFP team 1.  I met Gary from the Baseball-Fever forum.

Jon SooHoo again on base.  Note we are playin in the Tiger Stadium replica. 

Oh no!  here is Jon again. 

One of our sluggers:

The victory is ours.  11-5.

Team foto:

No pictures from the third game.  The 27 Yankees like Evan called us beat us real bad.  They (The Left Field Pavilion team #2 actually won the whole thing so it was not as bad getting beat by them, a much younger team.  

Here is the schedule of Dodger blogs teams that were in the tournament:

Playoff bracket:

The food collected for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

The Left Field Pavilion Team 2 who took the championship and the trophy.

Dodger Diaries who came in second. 


  1. crzblue

    Wish you could have been there too Brian! It was so much fun! Thanks! I tried to take pictures and play too. The day was perfect to play. It did not rain until that night.

  2. crzblue

    You are so welcome OBF! Next I am going to post a picture of Brooklyn Mike. He never posts pictures of himself. I have permision to post the picture we took together at the Cyclone game.
    Thanks! It was a lot of fun! You and your hubby would have liked it. Especially looking at the Angel replica field.
    Jeff, Right back at ya! Did not know that we have the same blog birthday!

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