Dodger Stadium Turns 50

Dodger Stadium turns 50 this year!   It was April 10, 1962: Opening Day  when Dodger Stadium opened its door for the first game.   They hosted the Red.  Dodgers lost the opener to the Reds 6-3.   The first home run in Dodger Stadium was hit on Opening Day by Wally Post of the Cincinnati Reds. Box Score here:

Opening Day 2012 will on Tuesday April 10th.   April 10, 1962 was also a Tuesday.

Back when Dodger Stadium used to have a gas station inside.  Note the gas price is 1.99 cheaper.  Now days is approaching $5.

A portion of the Left Field Pavilion

Ahhh I miss watching the sunset from Dodger Stadium

World famous Dodger Dogs!

Opening Day 1962

Old Union 76 sign.  Look at the hills

Look at the final between Philadelphia & Chicago

I love this picture with Sandy Koufax.  Look at a young Maury Wills

Look at DonDrysdale in the bullpen

Found this picture and what a surprise to find me there Top Deck against the wall, top right corner is my brother Vic then me. 

The view of Downtown LA as we exit

Love the Opening Day 1962 ticket. 

from 2008

Don’t you just love the colors in this picture.  The guy reading the program, the old style glass. Yes, is 1962!  Opening Day

View from the Top Deck

Can’t wait to be back at our Blue Heaven on Earth, Dodger Stadium

The exterior honoring past players.  This changes from year to year

Umpires room 🙂

Victory song

Getting ready for Fireworks after the game

Vin Scully Press box

Sunset view from Dodger Stadium

The view from our seats

Beauty all around.

Happy Birthday our beloved Dodger Stadium!

Ref; Baseball fever.


  1. WrigleyRegular

    Wow! Those are some wonderful pictures. I love the 3rd picture (LF pavilion) and the picture with Wills. Usually I take our cheep digital camera to the game and get so-so shots, this year I’m gonna pick one day to take my nice camera and just walk around the park taking pictures.

    ~ Russel

  2. This is a very simple game...

    I love the pics of Drysdale and Koufax especially! Those two are single handedly the reason my Dad started rooting for the Dodgers as a kid – his dad was an Angels fan. I love that the exterior of Dodger Stadium hasn’t changed much since it’s opening. People make a big deal out of Fenway and Wrigley, with reason, but I think Dodgers Stadium has that same feeling of gravitas and history. Oh, and I remember the gas station from when I was a kid!
    — Kristen

  3. Red State Blue State

    Happy birthday, Dodger Stadium! Oh boy did I spend many an afternoon and evening there during my one season in L.A. (2004). That was some year too… Gagne was doin’ his thing and my favorite player to watch was pitcher Jose Lima. Nothin’ got the crowd rockin’ like LIMA TIME!

  4. emma

    Russel,looking forward to seeing your pictures with your nice camera.
    Kristen, a walk down memory lane. Wish we still had the has station.
    Jeff, 2004 was special with Gagne coming out of the bullpen to Welcome to the Jungle. Lima was special too. He used to perform at a nightclub close to the stadium. Such energy!

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