10 Days till Dodgers Opening Day at Petco Park!

10 days till Dodgers Opening Day at Petco Park!  Also 10 days till I take vacation!   Yes! I will be in San Diego for the four game series.   The Dodger schedule works perfect with a four game series, followed by a day off on Monday then Opening Day at Dodger Stadium so Clayton Kershaw gets to pitch both Opening Days!  

10 days.  Hall of Famers that wore # 10 and they have had their number retired are :  Sparky Anderson, Phil Rizzuto, Andre Dawson & Ron Santo.  

I was listening to Jaime Jarrin and Pepe Yniguez broadcasting the Dodger game on Sunday.   It was odd that there was no English transmission.   Anyway, Pepe mentioned that Ron Santo never saw a no hitter.   Pepe also mentioned that he has never seen a no-hitter.  Neither have I.  I have seen them on TV but never in person.  

As I was going thru the retired numbers per team, I noticed that Seattle and Colorado are the only teams that have never retired a number.   Both teams have numbers out of circulations like #24 Ken Griffey Jr. and #14 Lou Piniella.  For The Rockies, no one has worn Larry Walker’s #33, but probably  #17 Todd Helton will be the first number retired for the Rockies.

P.S.  After a year in hiatus, I am back to playing Fantasy baseball!   So my team, Los Locos Azules are back!!   I drafted last but I am happy with my team. Here is what I have:

C Carlos Santana,  1B Joey Votto,   2B Howie Kendrick,   3B Aramis Ramirez,   SS Dee Gordon,   OF Jacoby Ellsbury,   OF Emilio Bonifacio,   PF Yoenis Cespedes,   Util Alex Rios,   Util Adam Dunn,   BN Ryan Howard,   BN Paul Goldschmidt,   BN Jason Bay,   BN Chase Utley.    SP Zach Greinke,   SP James Shields,   RP Craig Kimbrel ,   RP Heith Bell,   P Brandom Morrow,   P Kenley Jansen,   P Francisco Liriano,   P Brandom McCarthy,   BN Jonathan Broxton.


  1. Matthew

    That’s a very solid team. Joey Votto and Kendrick will have a good year. I’m high on Dee this year. Very high as well as Jansen

  2. Rants, Raves, etc.

    Well, I don’t know what “BN” means as far as fantasy baseball, but unfortunately for your team, Howard and Utley won’t be producing any time soon. 😦
    I have actually seen a no-hitter live, and it involved your Dodgers! Was at the game in Denver in 2006(?) when Hideo Nomo no-hit the Rockies. A miserable night weather-wise, by the way.
    – Sue

  3. crzblue

    Matt, Yeah, I like my team and I am also high on Dee. I get two points per stolen bases 🙂
    Sue, BN means Bench. I thought I keep them on the bench until they ready to play. I read about you watching that no-hitter! How cool is that! Do you still have the ticket? I would have tried to have it signed by Nomo back when he was around.

  4. Rants, Raves, etc.

    Oh, I’m sure the ticket is still in my possession somewhere. Probably whichever photo album holds pictures from that trip (though not that game, too cold and rainy). Would be cool to have it signed, though I doubt I’ll ever get an opportunity for that.

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