Dodgers take 3 out of 4 in San Diego starting with Opening Day!

Jake Ross of took this picture.


Apr 7 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers fan Emma Amaya wears a shirt in honor of former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Magic Johnson before a game against the San Diego Padres at PETCO Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

I kept getting texts that I was on TV. 

 My cousin Edgar’s wife Jeannie tagged me on this picture that she took of the TV screen


Magic was at Opening Day in San Diego along with Frank McCourt & his GF.  This picture taken by my friend Lorena (LuvtheDodgers23).   Notice Frank’s GF eyeing Matt Kemp

I was having a hard time with my camera.  Jon SooHoo of told me I bounced the camera too many times.  Actually it started working better after I had him look at it.   Still, I did not take good pictures from afar but luckly my friend Lorena  did so I am sharing  her pictures:

Opening Day at Petco.  Second time Lorena and I go to Petco Park Opening Day against the Dodgers.  First time was in 2009. 

SkinnySwag!   Dee Gordon.  I saw him after the game and I told him I have him in my fantasy Baseball team.  He said “I am not doing too well”   I said that is OK, to early.  Lorena pointed to her heart and said “We Love you!”   The following day I saw him again after the game and he had done so good that I stopped him and excitedly I told  him “You did great today Dee!”  He in turned gave me a hug and told me “Thank you ma’am”   that so cute of him. 

Clayton Kershaw was fighting the stomach flu but he insisted to Mattingly that he still wanted to pitch on Opening Day.  He could only go three innings because of the stomach flu.    He also collected the first hit for the Dodgers with a double.   his ERA:  0.00 and his batting average:  1.000. 

Because of the day off today, Kershaw is starting the Home Openner tomorrow afternoon.  

Josh Lindblom came in after Kershaw and collected the win.  Javy Guerra got the save.  Thanks Lorena for the pictures. 


This picture from Jon Soohoo of Dodger fans making the trip from LA to Petco Park.  This is before Friday’s game. 

Lorena and I.  ‘yeah, I did not noticed before that I closed my eyes. 

Reaction of Dodger fans after @skinnyswag Dee Gordon terrories the Padres.  

Having a good time in San Having a good time in San Diego with friends.  From Top to bottom;  Blanca, Lorena, Emma, Rosie and Amanda.

Happy Opening Day Eve!  Happy Opening Day Eve!  Happy Opening Day Eve!   Can’t wait to be at Dodger Stadium tomorrow!


  1. Red State Blue State

    Nice work, Emma! You sure do stand out in a crowd (obviously)! Good to show love for Magic, though maybe next time you can wear a shirt that bashes that crook McCourt, the one who really wins in this whole deal.

  2. Emma

    Thanks Mike! and yes, I will see my Dodger family later on today!
    Thanks Jeff. I am all about the love not the hate Jeff 🙂

  3. WrigleyRegular

    Great pictures. Hope you have fun at the game today. I saw some of the pregame on TV and right now thru 5 innings Kershaw is looking great. It’s a shame that Scully wasn’t able to do the game because of illness.


  4. Emma

    LOL. Got reports from several friends at various states that they saw me on TV. There is also a picture in the La Times. Fun times at the stadium with the win. Only downside was Vin Scully not being there.

  5. Truebluewill

    I also saw you on TV after Ethier’s HR. You are becoming a regular TV star. You were sitting in field level. Do you still have your Top Deck seats?

  6. crzblue

    Yes, I still have my Top Deck seats. Just Opening Day I sat in the field level.
    You missed the best part 😉 Last night they were showing the replay at the stadium.
    Yes, we had great seats in San Diego. We splurge on the road. Next road trip is Seattle. How about you?

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