Happy Jackie Robinson Day! Dodgers 8-1 to start 2012. Vin Scully is back Today!!

Happy Jackie Robinson Day everyone!   Heading to Dodger Stadium soon.   Dodgers are 8-1 to start the 2012 season and I have not missed a game!   Dodgers are going on the road next (no, I am not going) to Milwaukee and Houston.  

Here is a Jackie Robinson picture when he was at Pasadena Junior College late 1930’s. 

And here is another one from Pasadena Junior College

Jackie Robinson at Pasadena City College

JAckie Robinon at UCLA.jpg

Jackie Robinson at UCLA

Extra special day as Vin Scully is due to go back to Dodger Stadium!   Welcome back Vin!!

Vin Scully& Crzblue

Quick post as I am heading to the Ravine where the Dodgers are going for the

Dodgers going for the sweep.

Love the Dodgers are now letting season ticket holders into the stadium earlier than the rest of the fans just like in some other stadiums. 

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A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jack Roosevelt Robinson.




  1. crzblue

    So are we, so are we. He looked like he was still a little under the weather yesterday but he sounded great. He has cut down his road game to only California and Arizona so no Colorado this year. He can rest now that the Dodgers head to Milwaukee & Houston.

  2. Mateo Fischer

    Just a bit of irony/serendipity/whatever else you want to call it. Jackie Robinson grew up in Southern California only to be associated with the Dodgers primarily while they were in New York. Vin Scully, however, grew up in New York only to be associated primarily with the Dodgers of southern California. Putting possibly Tommy Lasorda aside for the moment, these are THE two main faces of the Dodgers franchise.

  3. crzblue

    That is right Mateo. Vin is going for his 55th season broacasting in Los Angeles and his 64th season overall. That is an amazing record. And yes, Jackie grew up here. I’ve seen seen Jackie Robinson jerseys from Pasadena College and UCLA.

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