Baseball Reliquary Exhibition -Bill Veeck- Now to May 24. “Veeckfest” May 19.

I am excited that this exhibition is close to me at the Arcadia library. This is from the Arcadia library:
Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick, an exhibition which utilizes photographs, artworks, artifacts, and documents to chronicle the life and times of one of the most influential figures in baseball history. The owner of four teams – the Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns, and Chicago White Sox (twice) – Veeck was a baseball impresario and innovator, an unflinching advocate of racial equality, and a visionary who spent a lifetime challenging baseball’s and society’s well-entrenched status quo.

“VeeckFest” — Saturday, May 19 – 1pm-5pm> In conjunction with its exhibition, Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick, the Baseball Reliquary presents “VeeckFest,” an in-depth look at Bill Veeck, the transformational, visionary figure, whose life and imagination helped define the several eras he encompassed. This free event will include a film screening; book signing; and panel discussion featuring, among others, Paul Dickson, author of Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick; sportswriters John Schulian and Ron Rapoport, who covered Veeck for the Chicago Sun-Times and other publications; and screenwriter/filmmaker Ken Solarz, who owns the movie rights to Veeck’s 1962 autobiography, Veeck—as in Wreck. This will be a popular event so please come early. Space is limited to the first 150 people. Free admission. Further information, phone (626) 791-7647; for directions, phone (626) 821-5567 during library hours.

There is a Dodger game on 5/19 but I am heading to the “Veeckfest” then head to Dodger Stadium. Oh oh, this is the same day for the Dodger fanfest. Is going to be a busy day.

It did not rain enough last night at the game. It should have rained prior to the 9th inning when everything fell apart. Dodgers were leading 2-1 when Javy Guerra came in the 9th. He was getting hit then he got hit by a line drive that hit him on jaw. Mattingly should have taken him out then. Instead the Braves scored 3.

Off day today for the Dodgers so I am heading to the Arcadia library to take a look at the exhibition. Washington Nationals in town tomorrow with Clayton Kershaw on the mound!



    • crzblue

      Terry! OMG! The exhibition is great! I got there just before 7 and I was there until closing time at 9. I read everything in the 4 glass exhibition. I took lots of pictures. I also Want to go back and buy some of the books In the small display by the entrance. I never did read Veeck as in wreck so I was looking for it there but they do not have it. I think I saw it at the Central library in Downtown LA.

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