Dodgers win in Colorado! Skinnyswag Dee Gordon goes deep!

I was coming out of work when I heard Dee Gordon hit a homerun. I stopped to double check that on MLB At Bat 12. Yep! is true! he hit one out! Of course I had to watch it too. He put it a few rows up. Congratulations @skinnyswag! Dee is in my baseball fantasy team. This time Dee could take his time running around the bases.
pic by Jon SooHoo

Pepe Yniguez wins the bet with Fernando Valenzuela. Pepe picked @skinnyswag Dee Gordon to hit a homerun this season. Fernando chose Mark Ellis. Dinner on Fernando.

Those two are not the only ones that had a bet going. About a month ago I was having dinner with friends Terry of and Steve Seemayer of Terry bet Steve that Dee Gordon would hit a homerun this year. The bet: the big sum of $1. πŸ™‚

Dodgers were leading 4-0 in the first inning but as we all know, no lead is safe in Colorado. The score ended up being 7-6. Javy Guerra, yes, Javy Guerra saved the game! The snuggie curse on Javy has been lifted. Not posting another picture with the snuggie. I don’t want to upset the baseball gods or Santa Rita, the Baseball saint.
I felt asleep adding this post. hit post before I was done so update below.

#20 MLB Fan ranking for April 2012. Don Sutton.
Thank you all that visit my blog! It came in at #20 for the MLB Fan blogs. #20 is Don Sutton retired number. I saw him briefly When Atlanta was at Dodger Stadium. I asked Don if I could have a picture with him. He asked for what. I said for my blog and he said no, something about a bad experience. I was OK with it so I told him “Have a great day!”

OK, so I don’t know what made me check this but did you know that Don Sutton never had a homerun?


  1. Truebluewill

    Emma, that was a nice shot by Dee. I hope he doesn’t mess up his swing and try to hit home runs all the time.

    It was a very exciting game last night, though quit nerve racking. I would have been very upset if we would have lost. Gurrea came through when we needed him. Those two seam fastballs he threw to strikeout Cargo were very filthy.

  2. crzblue

    I too hope he does not mess up his swing. haha. I need him to steal bases for my baseball fantasy team. But seriously, I hope he does not. Yes, nerve racking game at the end. You just can’t relax at Coors. Poor Chacin, well NOT!

  3. Truebluewill

    I have the day off from work to day , so I will be able to watch the whole game uninterrupted. Hope Kers will win and the Dodgers will take this series. Then it’s off to Chi-town for 3 day games in a row. Old time baseball, I love it.

  4. crzblue

    Will, I love it! All the day games! It would have been great being in Chicago. Catch the day game then hit the nice restaurants at night. go Kersh!
    WR, LOL. Did Sutton have a permanent? his hair looks curly all the time, but back when he played he kept it a little long.

  5. Terry Cannon

    Emma, who would have thought that a month into the season, Dee Gordon would have one more home run that Albert Pujols?

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