What do Jamey Moyer and Dodger Stadium have in common?

What do Jamey Moyer

and beautiful Dodger Stadium have in common?

They both turn 50 this year! Jamey on November 18, 1962. You two look wonderful!

the matchup for tonight is 49 year old Jamey Moyer against Chris Capuano. Every Friday is Fireworks night. The last one was set to the 60’s music. It should have been today with Jamey on the mound but tonight the fireworks will be set to the 70’s music.

I wonder what song Nancy Bea will be playing for Jamey Moyer. I am sure it would be a good one. Too bad I only get to listen to Vin Scully for the first three innings but I am taping the game! I want to hear what Vin says about Moyer.

This from Lew Freeman of http://www.calltothepen.com after Moyer became the oldest MLB pitcher to win a Major League game:

Now that Moyer has wrested the old-age record for pitching a winning game from Jack Quinn it’s time to meet Satchel Paige. At his moment of victory, Moyer was 49 years, 150 days old. Too bad he won’t make it to 50 this season. That would be cool. Quinn was 49 years, 70 days old when he won a game for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1932. Although he did not figure in the decision, Paige was 59 years old when he threw three innings in a game in 1965 for the Kansas City Athletics.

Looking forward to Rockies Dodgers matchup tonight of Jamey Moyer against Chris Capuano. Capuano bring his 4-0 record. Go Dodgers!

ref pics : baseball-fever.com Phillies.network.com


  1. Mateo Fischer

    I knew right away when I saw the title of the entry in my e-mail account’s inbox. It’ll be nice to see the Dodgers whenever they play the Mets at Citi Field since both teams will have a “50” going for them (Dodgers Stadium and the Mets are also 50 years old, and I guess you can throw in the Astros as well).

  2. crzblue

    Yeah that would be nice! Also when the Mets are at Dodger Stadium but I will miss that series since I will be in Minnesota for the SABR convention. *checks schedule when the Dodgers are heading to New York* Weekend of July 20-21 the Dodgers will be at Citi Field.

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