SABR42 Babe Ruth, Roy Campanella, Ted Williams & Willie Mays played in Minnesota

What a treat to go into the Twins Archive room.  We met the Twins curator Clyde Doepner!


I would love to go thru stuff here!  Those Sporting News would be a nice start. 

There is all sort of treasures in this room

A Hole in One by plaque by Harmon Killerbrew

Thanks Clyde! I think this would be a great job.

Now we are the Visiting Clubhouse.

Are you confy Kent?

Kent looks like he is giving a sign.

I like my shadow

Abby taking a picture of Babe Ruth

The Babe when he played for the Saint Paul Saints

And here is Walter Alston and Roy Campanella

Ted Williams played for the Millers

Willie Mays also played for the Millers.

OK…that is enough pictures for a post so one more coming up with pictures at the Throwback game.


  1. Rosie

    Girl you have fascinating stories, love your blog! The picture of the press boxes reminds me of the ITD Tour. Great memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. crzblue

    You know Rosie, I did not know about those Hall of Famers playing in Minnesota so there I had to get sidetrack and read about it. I was remembering our ITD tour too when I was in the Twins Pressbox. It was great that Josh and the Dodgers put that together and bringing in OBF (OldBrooklynfan) was the ultimate. OK, so I was just wondering when exactly was the first ITD tour? I know I blogged about it. hmm…

  3. John Czimbal

    It’s too bad the Twins refuse to acknowledge the franchise’s first 60 years in Washington, D.C., Where does one look for Senators’ all-time records/marks — surely not in a Twins’ media guide! (I know, they’re the Twins; they only keep track of Twins accomplishments, but that’s a lot of disrepect to their roots — even if they didn’t make it to the playoffs for their last 30 years.) FYI, you all should have made time for a Saints game, like I did. Those 7,000 fans sure did have a good time.

  4. crzblue

    yes it is too bad. You have to play tribute to your roots. After you told me you guys plans after the convention, I wished I would have planned something like thatn. Yes, it would have been fun to go see a Saints game and detour to another MLB ballpark. After I told Kent your plans to go to Kansas City for a game, he said the same. Oh well, we are learning from you all. See you Wednesday.

    Oh me too! me too! I could get lost in that room of treasures.

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