Why am I honoring the number 21? And why Luis Olmo

Why am I honoring #21?   

Well because  my blog came in at 21 in the July ranking.  Thank you all that read my blog! 

Why am I also honoring Luis Olmo?  

Yes, because he worn unform #21 for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Why else?

Because he is part of the suviving Brooklyn Dodgers. 

Why else?

Because  today August 11, 2012, Luis Olmo is having a birthday!   He is turning 93. 

Happy birthday Mr Olmo!

Luis Olmo played for the Dodgers froom 1943 to 1945 then again in 1949.  He played in the ’49 World Series. 

Olmo lead the National League in triples in 1945.  On May 18 of that year he hit a grand slam homerun and a bases loaded triple in the same game.  No other player accomplished that feat in the 20th century. 

Olmo jumped to the Mexican League in 1946 because one Mexican team owner offered a higher salary than Major League teams were paying.  Olmo and several others were banned by MLB Commissioner Happy Chandler.   For Olmo the suspension lasted three years.  Olmo returned to the Dodgers in 1949 and played for the Boston Braves in 1950 & 1951 before calling it a career. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Olmo! 

Jackie Robinson, Senate president of Puerto Rico, Luis Munoz Marin and Luis Olmo. 

ref: pic, Colleccion Luiz Munoz Marin,  baseball-fever.

Excited to be going to see a Little League game in San Bernardino.


  1. Rosie

    Congratulations on being 21! Let’s have a drink to celebrate … LOL! Happy Birthday to Mr. Olmo and also my husband celebrated his birthday on the 11th. GREAT DAY…LOL Now did you go to San Bernardino to see the Little League Game? Or is that part of the photo caption?

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