Dodgers can’t hit but we got hit with big Postseason Invoice

I don’t know what is wrong with this Dodger team.  They can hit on the road but not at home?  They have lost the first two to the hated Gints.  Can it get worst?  Well, yeah, now they face Cain. 


No!  Not those bats!   These bats!

Dodgers can’t hit but we Dodger season ticket holders got hit with the playoff bill!   Holly Cow!  

Need to cut down on some spending  especially with an upcoming road trip to Cincinnati.  Dodger invoice   is due September 7, 2012.   Like Rosie said on Twiter “..So I packed a can of soup for lunch tomorrow after getting my invoice.  Gotta watch my spending.   Eeekk!!” 

The postseason invoice includes billing for 11 possible home games:  Three Wild Card/Division Series.  four league Cahmpionship Series and four World Series games.   You must purchase entire strip of tickets.  

What is my bill?  Double what I pay for the entire season plus a little more. 

Ref:  Baseball bats from Sue’s blog at  title idea from Lorena aka LuvtheDodgers23.

Capuano on the mound tonight against Cain.


  1. Rants, Raves, etc.

    Glad to see you could make use of the sleeping bats. 🙂 Were I inclined to write about the Phillies lately, I could re-use that image myself. Was at last night’s Phillies/Reds game, and Arroyo had most of the Phils’ bats in a coma (with the exception of Domonic Brown).

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