Cochitos everywhere at Cincinnati Congratulations to the Reds!

I have not been able to post here in Cincinnati.  The connection at the hotel and at the ballpark has been horrible.  

We saw lots of cochitos here

Too bad we did not get to say hi to Cochito Cruz, maybe when we get back to Dodger Stadium.   I have yet to meet him. 

We wont be at Sunday’s game because of the ESPN time change 😦  There was an Octoberfest festival across from the hotel.  
Weather here was very cold. 

We won one game and we lost one.  We saw The Reds clinch here with their win.   Next year it will be our turn!

Congratulations to Dusty Baker and the Reds!   Good luck in the postseason.

Get Well Dusty!

Good luck Jonathan Broxton in the playoff



  1. 32and53fan

    I envy that you really get around in the baseball world. Maybe you should take your posts and use them as the basis of a book. 🙂

  2. Emma

    Love my baseball! From the Dodgers to baseball in the minor league to the Fall League. Love meeting other people with the same interest in Baseball! haha on your other comment.
    This year has been Spring Training, Dodgers Opening week in San Diego, SABR convention, Seattle and Cincinnati road trips. For me there is no other kind of vacation but Baseball related.

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