Thank you so much Ben, Mark and everyone that helped put this together! 🙂 Blogs Central

The latest installment of our Meet the Bloggers series features Emma Amaya, better known as Crzblue. Her blog, Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World, has been a part of the Blogs family since February 2009. It’s a Latest Leaders mainstay, and for good reason. We caught up with Emma at her home away from home — Dodger Stadium — on the final weekend of the regular season to ask her about her blog:

We’re continuing to meet up with Bloggers at the ballpark during the Postseason for this series. If you’re going to be at the ballpark and haven’t yet notified us, make sure to leave a comment with your blog URL and the games you’ll be attending.

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  1. Mateo Fischer

    Congratulations, Emma. The interview was really fun to watch. I had kind of been getting hints from the blog, but I didn’t realize exactly *how* long a season ticket holder you have been. I only went to 53 games this season, and that was semi-exausting in itself. I could never imagine going to EVERY single home game of either the Mets or the Yankees. Maybe I could bear it with the Twins or Nationals, though. I hope I can make it out to Dodgers Stadium within the next few years.

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