If Tim Wallach goes to the Red Sox how about..

Tim Wallach will be interviewing for the manager position with the Red Sox. 

Joo SooHoo picture

If Wallach  leaves how about the Dodgers offering Alex Cora the third base coaching position?   

I think Alex Cora would make a great third base coach.   He has a great baseball


From this article from Jonathan Mayo:


Other players in his position, nearing the end of a robust career and working to win a roster spot, might take a more me-first approach to Spring Training. Yet Cora has been tireless in his efforts to mentor young infielders like Jackson throughout the spring. It’s a pay-it-forward attitude that is very much appreciated by the mentees.

Having a coach on the field like Cora is a good thing for any manager, and perhaps an even bigger bonus for a rookie skipper like Matheny. In the short time they’ve been together this spring, Matheny already sees a future path for the veteran, one Cora’s older brother has already taken.

“That’s Alex’s makeup,” Matheny said. “I know it’s something our veterans have a desire to do, to help out our younger players and figure out how they can pass on some of the things they know. You can see he’s wired, he can be in this game for a long time instructing and teaching if he desires to do so once he’s done.”

Cora appreciates the kind words, but he doesn’t want to dwell on his coaching bona fides just yet. Perhaps it’s something that will come down the road, but it’s clear he’s not ready to talk about career changes just yet.

“I appreciate that, but the less I talk about [coaching], the better it is for Alex, the player,” Cora said. “I take it as a compliment, but I really don’t want to cross that line yet. I still want to play baseball. I still feel I can contribute.”

Is Alex Cora ready now?  


Wow!  I thought the Oakland A’s were done but they hit a walk-off to force another game so again tomorrow we will have four game!   I love baseball!   Let’s play four tomorrow again!  Loving the MLB PLAYOFFS!  

Go Reds!  Beat the Giants!

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