NLCS Game 7: Cardinals & Giants at AT&T. Select a Seat Day at Dodger Stadium

The NLCS goes to game 7.   I do like watching more baseball but not to the extent of letting the Giants back in the race.   But the Cardinals have been so generous giving up runs.  They have given 10 unearned runs in the postseason.   Anything can happen now.   Matt Cain will square off against Kyle Lohse.

What is happening in the Dodger World? Well after the Dodgers released Dave Hansen as hitting coach, the Mariners have just hired him as hitting coach.   Funny tweet from Jon Weisman:   “How many times has Team  A no-hit Team B and then hired Team B as  hitting coach after the season? ”

No news yet who will be the Dodgers hitting coach.   There is Mickey Hatcher or ??

Select a Seat this week at Dodger Stadium.

I rather the Dodgers be playing October baseball at Dodger Stadium but they decided to do “Select A Seat” earlier this time.   I believe it was in January before.   I got my email so my date is Thursday but I might wait until Saturday to go.    We get to take a guest and go on the field to play catch.  Also the left field gift shop will have 50% off merchandise.

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