Tim Leary, Richard Santillan, SABR, Christy Mathewson, Baseball Reliquary

I love going to baseball events during the offseason!   Last Saturday I went to the SABR meeting.  Richard Santillan was there to show us the documentary on “Mexican American Baseball in California.  I was running a little late to the meeting so I walked in while the film was in progress.   I had gone to Olvera Street night before  for Dia de Los Muertos so I got up a little late.

Richard  was promoting his two books that he co-wrote “Baseball American Baseball in Los Angeles” and “Baseball American Baseball in the Inland Empire.”  The next book  “Mexican American Baseball in Orange County” is due to come out  March 2013.   I love the books! and like Richard  and Terry Cannon say “It is a community project.”

The next guest was Tim Leary!    We had been asked to take baseball artifacts and Barry and others showed some real original ones.  I like the 1900 baseball cards

and the poster  titled “World Championship Series” of the second game series played at the Polo Grounds.

Tim Leary brought his 1988  Silver Slugger award!

He also brought his 1988 World Series ring!

I really enjoyed listening to Tim Leary.  He is a very knowledgeable baseball person.  The Dodgers should have him as one of the instructors at the next Winter workouts at Dodger Stadium to talk to the future Dodgers.  Leary works part-time for the Dodgers as part of the community speakers but the Dodgers should be fully utilizing his skills.

I am glad to be a member of SABR giving me the opportunity to be among SABR members that blow me away with their knowledge and to attend events where we get speakers like Tim Leary, giving us a chance to hear the person speak and ask questions.   I prefer this more personal meeting than a crowded autograph signing where you are rushed thru the line.

Eddie Frierson  in “Matty” An Eveving with Christy Mathewson

I am glad also that SABR member Rick told me about the play “Matty” an evening with Christy Mathewson.  It was playing at the Fremont Centre Theatre.   I went to see it Monday night.   I loved it!   Eddie Frierson plays Matty.   National Public Radio called it  “One of the year’s ten best plays!’   the Fremont Centre is a cute little cozy theatre that says it sits 50.

Next event:  “Not Exactly Cooperstown”

Friday November 9 at 7:00 p.m. at South Pasadena Library for the screening of “Not Exactly Cooperstown” by filmaker Jon Leonoudakis.

I have seen the screening but I am going back!   This program is presented by the South Pasadena Public Library, the Friends of the South Pasadena Library and the Baseball Reliquary.  Audience members are asked to “dress Baseball” and a trivia contest with prizes will start the event.   The Community  Room is located at 1115 El Centro Street.  It is just around the corner of the Fremont Centre Theatre.


  1. Charles Fracchia

    Looks like fun..I always liked that Tim Leary had the same name as the Harvard LSD professor…I still hate the Dodgers!! I love that the Giants have more World Series titles!! And I love the movie Not Exactly Cooperstown!! Great movie!!

  2. crzblue

    We have some things in common…except I hate that the Giants have another World Series Title. I hope the Giants don’t have their celebration while the Dodgers are in town.

  3. Evan

    You are right! Going to SABR meetings is a great way to meet players up close. plus you don’t have to pay the fees to get an autograph or picture. I recomend SABR to all baseball fans.

  4. Eddie Frierson

    How FUN! Tim Leary was actually a teammate of mine at UCLA and was a huge help while he was playing for the Dodgers and I was developing my show, MATTY: AN EVENING WITH CHRISTY MATHEWSON. I would have loved to have come when he was at your meeting and EVERYONE could have come to my show at the Fremont … he was part of a big promo at a production I did in 1988 at the Santa Monica Playhouse long before I took the show to New York — he came again in 1995 and brought Yankess PR Director Annette Guardabascio. From that performance in Los Angeles, Annette and the Yankees (BECAUSE of Tim — such a grand guy) were behind the run all the way while we were in Times Square and taking the theatre world by storm in 1996. Tim was a huge part of MATTY’s success and I continue to perform whenever and wherever anyone asks. It’s that much fun to introduce folks to Christy Mathewson.

    Fun fact: I performed for the Baseball Reliquary years ago … and would be thrilled to do so again.

    Eddie Frierson

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