Not Exactly Cooperstown documentary

Excited to be going to this event (again) and seeing it among friends:

Here is the information about the documentary and filmmaker Jon Leonoudakis:

“Not exactly Cooperstown,” a Brand New Baseball Documentary

at South Pasadena Library on  Friday, November 9

“Not Exactly Cooperstown,” a just released, full-length documentary will be screened in the Community Room on Friday, November 9 at 7:00 p.m.  This is a new date because there was a chance that the Game 7 of the World Series could have been played on the previously scheduled date.  The program is free and will also feature filmmaker Jon Leonoudakis whose lifelong love affair with America’s National Pastime was snuffed out in 2002 during the game’s ignoble steroids era.  But then Jon experienced a profound and lasting personal transformation.

Leonoudakis attended an alternative baseball Hall of Fame ceremony in 2002 where fans could actually vote in the inductees. An organization called The Baseball Reliquary staged the event, and honored ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson, Mark ‘The Bird’ Fidrych, and Minnie Minoso, ‘The Cuban Comet’ by electing them to their ‘Shrine of the Eternals.’ Jon found himself surrounded by enthusiasts who loved the game with a fervor that matched his own.

“The Reliquary’s approach to the game is very different,” says Leonoudakis. “It loves baseball, but not reverentially. The Reliquary is run by people steeped in the arts who operate it as a grass-roots affair. The organization fosters an appreciation of American history and culture through the lens of baseball.” Jon spent a year in the life of the Reliquary, “to see what makes it tick,” and to share the results. Leonoudakis calls his film “a star-spangled journey into the heart and soul of baseball that can’t be quantified by numbers.”

“Cooperstown is for statistics, and the Reliquary is for stories and the great characters of the game,” producer/director Leonoudakis adds. “My documentary is an unorthodox look at America’s most orthodox game. “This isn’t your father’s baseball documentary,” says Jon. “My film is a bold stew of Americana, folklore, scandal, fandom, poetry, sport, and art.” Interviews with a cavalcade of experts, fans,  and  free-thinkers abound, including former major league pitchers Jim Bouton (Ball Four) and Bill “Spaceman” Lee,  as well as the San Diego Chicken, filmmaker Ron Shelton (Bull Durham), author Arnold Hano (A Day in the Bleachers),  and Terry Cannon, the Executive Director and founder of the Reliquary.

Jon Leonoudakis has been a producer since 1985, leading teams on a diverse range of projects for clients and project partners like the Disney Theme Parks worldwide, the United Nations, Disney Cruise Lines, Pixar, Mercedes-Benz, and Universal Studios/Hollywood, as well as producing and directing, 5:04 p.m.: A First-Hand Account of the 1989 World Series Earthquake Game.

The program is presented by the South Pasadena Public Library, the Friends of the South Pasadena Public Library, and the Baseball Reliquary.  Audience members are asked to “dress baseball” and a trivia contest with prizes will start the event. The Community Room is located at 1115 El Centro Street. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and no tickets or reservations are necessary. Refreshments will be served.

The first time I saw the film I was dressed as Hilda Chester.  I won first prize.  This time I only have my road game Dodger Jersey.  It is a Jeff Kent jersey.  It was a long day at work.  Looking forward to tonight and the weekend.


  1. crzblue

    You are welcome to borrow it. I will post about the event I went the following day when I get a chance. I am going to leave soon to take a tour celebrating Veteran’s Day and the City of El Monte’s 100 year anniversary.

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