Megabus returns to Los Angeles! Remembering my Megabus trip from LA to SF

Megabus returns to Los Angeles!  Woohoo!!


The first time I took Megabus was with friend Erik and brother Vic.  Here is what Erik said about that trip:

The first road-trip I ever went on with CrzBlue was to see the Dodgers on September 8 in Frisco. CrzBlue, Brother Vic, and I took Megabus, we left L.A. at 11:30pm on Friday and got to Frisco at about 5:30am on Saturday. I don’t think we slept more than 15 minutes the whole way. David Wells pitched for the Dodgers, he pushed a perfect game through 5 1/3 innings. Way to shut those jints down Boomer! His performance and the Dodgers’ win had me and CrzBlue singing “I Love L.A.” at the phone booth–T’was great. It was exciting, it was uncomfortable, it is unforgettable!

The second time I took Megabus was to go to San Diego.  And yes, it was Dodger related.   I can’t believe that was four years ago!    I do hope this time the Megabus is a success.   I could take it to watch Dodgers on the road to San Diego & San Francisco.  Maybe I can also go see Oakland A’s.   Maybe they will add Arizona.  I know Las Vegas is also  one of their destinations.

Megabus will start December 12 with rates as low as $1.   Wow!   I hope more people take advantage of these deals.

From ATVN:

The company hopes to provide an alternative transportation method for West Coast customers looking to avoid the high gas prices. The bus line will offer free onboard WiFi, power outlets, bathrooms, heating and air conditioning.

Customers can begin to purchase tickets on Wednesday at and the first trips will begin on Dec. 12. Ticket prices range from $1 to around $25, but most seats are priced between $5 to $9.

As an opening promotion, the company will offer $1 trips for all seats and all trips in California during its first week of service.

Passengers can get on the express bus at its arrival and departure location at L.A. Union Station’s Patsaouras Transit Plaza.

The express bus runs four schedules each day to and from Las Vegas;  the trip takes about six hours. There are six scheduled trips to and  from San Francisco, which take about eight hours, and four schedule  trips from Sacramento going different directions to San Francisco and  Reno. The bus runs seven days a week.

Megabus will run 22 buses in California and is a subsidiary of Coach USA. The double-decker buses have a capacity of 81 passengers.

For more information go to

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