Vin Scully Tweets from 12/3/2012 #AskVin

Here are Vin Scully’s tweets from today when he took over the @Dodgers from 9:30 to 10 a.m. PST.

Hi this is Vin Scully, delighted to spend time with you. We’ll be tweeting for a little while & I look forward to that opportunity. #AskVin

I was deeply touched by all of the birthday wishes. Thank you. #AskVin

All of them. #AskVin RT @TheTonyLee: #AskVin What is your favorite Nancy Bea Hefley tune?

Favorite moment: I was much younger, more impressionable when the Dodgers won in 1955. That last game was the most emotional for me. #AskVin

Red Barber was like my father, he cared that I would succeed. He taught me preparation. #AskVin

The biggest clubhouse personality was a bat boy named Charlie di Giovanni.  He was a character, and we called him the brow.  #AskVin

On trending in the United States: “Oh my lord, it’s a slow day.” #AskVin

Maybe this was in response to my question or similar questions on his favorite stadium besides Dodger Stadium.

Outside of DS, Wrigley. Colorful fans and the game always in doubt. A special moment was broadcasting the first night game there. #AskVin

My favorite baseball book, “Three Nights in August.” My current book that I’m reading is called “Unbroken.” #AskVin

I’ve been hooked on a television show called “Homeland.” They do that show so well. #AskVin

.@craigary Don’t get too involved in new stats. There isn’t any feeling for them. I’ll have to be reeducated like with the Twitter. #AskVin

We used to have a Gordon Windhorn.  I used to say Gordon Widhorn and his orchestra.  Also Clayton Dalrymple, a WW officer. #AskVin

What a great morning!   This is the picture the Dodgers used to advertise Vin taking over the  @Dodgers for 30 minutes:

It is an old picture!  Look at the old monitor!


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