Happy 12-12-12 Three LA Dodgers wearing #12

We will never see another day like this in our lifetime. It’s the century’s last sequential date.

In honor of LA Dodgers wearing # 12.

Tommy Davis

Tommy Davis

Tommy is always very nice at the Stadium or anywhere he is representing the Dodgers.

Dusty Baker

Dusty Baker

I used to sit in “Bakersfield” back in Dusty’s playing days. We used to throw gum to him when he took his spot in Left Field. Dusty and a bat boy would pick up the gum. Dusty would pick up the gums and acknoledge us fans. Fun days.

Jeff Kent

For us women that took the Women Baseball clinics with Jeff Kent, we got to know what a nice guy he was. He just put a grouchy face with the media but to us fans he was nice. He was very patience during -what was it 5 years of Women Baseball clinics_ teaching us how to pick up ground balls, teaching us baseball terms, catching us in the bullpen and giving us suggestions how to throw the ball and overall clowning around there.

So enjoy the date 12/12/12. We wont see it in our lifetime again.

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