1. Kristin

    OMG I’m so fat in that pic! It’s hard to believe how different I look now! Let’s meet at Spring Training and take a new picture, OK?

  2. crzblue

    Thanks! I love looking back at my pictures for the year to remind me yes, it was a great year.
    James, that is Payaso’s cousin. He always sits in the dugout seats when the Giants are in town and he invites Payaso.
    No 🙂 I probably missed about six games last season at Dodger Stadium but I went to more than that on the road. Is hard to make all of them.

  3. crzblue

    Yeah I like that picture too 9IKIA! There were so many to choose from but all bring some nice memories. I should go thru all of them.
    1. 2012 Dodger Stadium turned 50.
    2. Last home game my friends Lore, Rosie, Hilda and I splurged for dugout seats. We did not know we were on TV when they had the trivia question.
    3. Another pic from the last game. Can;t see it but it has a nice sunset.
    4. Lorena & Rachel. Rachel sits infront of Lore & I with her parents and siste.
    5. Cincinnati road trip with Rosie.
    6. home game with the Giants. Big Dodger fan, Payaso with his cousin the Giant fan.
    7. Natalie visiting from Chicago. Picture from the Top Deck with a full moon in the background.
    8. Dodgers celebrating a W against the Arizona D’backs.
    9. James Loney’s dad sat in the Top Deck for a few minutes reflecting on his son’s last night as a Dodger. Usher Raissa in the picture.
    10. On Koufax Bobblehead, fan Michael found the kitty in the parking lot. He took it home and named him Koufax.
    11. Lorena, Rosie & I in Seattle after the Mariners No-hit the Dodgers
    12. Sitting in the Left Field Pavilion with friends that have season tix there, Cari, Kristin and I decided to join them when the Brewers were in town.
    13. At the last Viva Los Dodgers of 2012 with Spanish broadcaster Pepe Yniguez
    14. Lore & Rosie toasting being in Seattle. We were at a Mexican restaurant on our last night there.
    15. The new Dodger Owners
    16 Clayton Kershaw at the Los Angeles Food bank event.
    17. Road trip of six women and a guy in am mini van.
    18. Dodger Pride night at the King’s game.
    All fun times and there was plenty more in 2012.

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