2012 Top 10: Views by Country & Top Blog Posts

I saw this as a Daily Post Challenge in the WordPress.


From the link above:

This week, we want to see your year-end posts. They can take all forms, from a “top X” list to a reflection on a particularly influential experience to month-by-month recaps to a look at things you’d like to do better next year. Include photos — how many cities did you visit? Include statistics — how many visitors did your blog have on January 1, and how many did it have yesterday?

I have a confession, I am obsessed with the statistics here.   I don’t have the time to post a blog post every day but I  check the statistics to see what countries are visiting my blog, the search terms used to find my blog and the most popular posts.


Top 10 countries visits

1.   United States
2.  Canada
3.   Mexico
4.   United Kingdom
5.   Australia
6.   India
7.   Brazil
8.   Republic of Korea
9.   Venezuela
10.  Netherlands

Top 10 Search terms

1.   dodger stadium
2.   mamie johnson
3.   patron saint of baseball players  (I still need to get me this medallion)
4.   woohoo
5.   woo hoo  (haha)
6.   dodgers emma
7.   crzblue       (lol)
8.   sandy koufax
9.   devon ethier
10.  matt kemp parents

Note:  #17 was frank McCourt girlfriend (lol)

Top 10 Blog Posts

Honoring the Brooklyn Dodger players alive as of January 12, 2012    
Patron Saint of Baseball    
Woohoo! Vin Scully will be back in 2011!    
Should Women remove their non-baseball hat during the National Anthem?    
Brooklyn Dodger Players Alive    
Black History Month: Women Baseball Players of the Negro League    
Black History Month: Mamie “Peanut” johnson    
Pictures Taken From Dodger Stadium January 28, 2010    
Barbarroja Chad Billingsley.  Cochito Cruz!   Baseball Reliquary event    
Magic Johnson, Dodgers, Vin Scully, Sandy Koufax, & Jackie Robinson Legacy


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