Dodgers August 2013 Schedule

I learned something new to me.  If I create a category you can have all the related posts together so if you go to the right to category “Dodgers Schedule” I can scroll down to all the the Dodgers Schedules here.  Haha  Silly me,  should have realized that sooner.

1-Star = 8/12 NYM, 8/26 CHC
2-Star =8/9 TB, 8/11 TB, 8/14 NYM, 8/28 CHC, 8/30 SD
3-Star = 8/10 TB, 8/13 TB, 8/27 CHC, 8/31 SD
4-Star = 8/23, 8/24, 8/25  BOS.

Ref:   that guy Mike is talented guy

They are giving me a hard time at work because I have my Jackie Robinson jersey on (only day I can wear casual clothes)   This guy tells me “Is Super Bowl weekend and lots of people at work are wearing Football gear but not Emma”  “She could wear football or hockey but noooo….”    I do have my purple and gold Dodger hat 🙂

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