Mike Piazza’s signing at Vroman’s

So since I already had the book I decided to go to the Mike Piazza signing.   I drove to work so that I could start work earlier and get out earlier.   I told my boss before I left that if I did not show up on Thursday is because I might be in jail.  haha. 

I found Cindy and her husband were the first two people in line in letter.  I don’t know how far the letters went but I saw the group for D.   I was probably the 10th person in line for letter A.   When I got there I think there were about 50 people there. 

I waited until Mike signed my book.  

Then I leaned over and told him “Maybe you were misunderstood in the book, but I think you should apologize to Vin Scully” 

He listened to me and he said “oh… It wasn’t bad”  I wished that Mike would have elaborated but by this time, I already had to move.  There was this big guy to my left there making sure the people were moving right after they signed the book. 

 I do collect baseball books.  I ordered them online, or buy them from SABR, at bookstores, thrift stores or at Friends of the Library bookstores.   I do need another bookshelf. 

Back to taking the train tomorrow.   I do prefer to take the train than to drive to work.  It also gives me a chance to do some reading.


  1. This is a very simple game...

    Emma, you’re my hero for telling Piazza, to his face, that he should apologize. Vin Scully is a gentleman and one of the biggest baseball fans ever. He would never say something that would damage a player, especially not one of his Dodgers. What a sad, bitter man Mike Piazza turned out to be.
    — Kristen

  2. 32and53fan

    Maybe you should have gone back up the line and told each person to tell Piazza to apologize to Vin. That might have made him realize what a big mistake he made.

  3. Kristin Dell

    I am so glad you said something to him Emma, I knew you would. Unfortunately I soured on Mike a long time ago, when this whole contract thing played out. It always seemed like he whined about not being respected. It’s really a shame but just shows me that a leopard doesn’t change his spots and now other Dodger fans are witnessing what I knew about from him for so long.

  4. crzblue

    Kristen, You and I all fans that listen to Vin know that Vin would not do that.
    Mateo, I did not know you went to the same High School that Vin went! Wow!.
    I am disappointed in him to say the least. I was seeing with different eyes this time. He does whine in the book.
    Brian, He had some fans there both males and females. Females were looking at him with adoring eyes. I saw a few Mets fans too. I was surprised tht the fans in front of me and in back were not aware of what Mike says in the book about Vin Scully. I pointed to them where it was and I played the interview for a lady.
    Time to get back to my Brooklyn players posts. The next one is Don Lund. From what I have been reading about him, he is a class act, a true gentleman, humble and a great coach that his students at Michigan State saw him as a father figure.

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