Vin Scully is back at Camelback Ranch for first game of 2013

Vin Scully is back ~

is going to be AWESOME ~

Watch out for those quotes!

the Dodger family is complete with Sandy Koufax and now Vin Scully at Camelback!

Welcome back Vin!

Like Hilda Chester used to tell you


Dodgers against the Cubs at Camelback Ranch!  Wish I was there.

Billingsley starts against Barney.

I am skipping my Pilates class at noon (we have classes at work at noon Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)  to listen to the game.

Vin Scully quote about Billinglsey giving out already a single, a home run and two doubles  “Sure, you hate to be lather…”

Juan Uribe is the first baseman for this game.

Mike Piazza is at Camelback Ranch.  DylanHearnandez reported that Mike said of Vin Scully:  “I’d love to see him”  I hope to apologize.


  1. This is a very simple game...

    We turned the replay of the Dodgers game on at home this evening amost as much to hear Vin’s voice as to watch more baseball. Other announcers are good, and I like our Angels annoncers just fine, but Vin Scully is the golden voice of baseball and we are all, no matter who we root for, lucky that he chooses to keep doing what he does best year after year!
    — Kristen

  2. crzblue

    That is right Kristen. Hey have a wonderful time in Arizona. I know you will love it there. If going to Scottsdale, go to Don & Charlie. lots of sports memorabilia literally all over the place I hear. Still have not been able to go there but everyone recommends it.

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