My Favorite Video from Spring Training 2013. Vin Scully interviewing Sandy Koufax

I know this is old but I still would like to put it here.    The video where Vin Scully interviews Sandy Koufax is a classic!

Besides, Mark our fearless leaders here at the MLB Blogsphere reminded us that we can post videos here.   I keep forgetting that so  Mark, I am listening to you.  Let’s see if this works

Vin Scully interviewing Sandy Koufax.

Yes!  it works!

Unfortunately Sandy was only at Camelback Ranch for 10 days.  He will return to the team in June.

I have been very busy at work and I am dying to go back to Camelback Ranch.  Not sure if I will go back but if not, there are 25 days till Opening Day!  Counting the days.

My boss is going on vacation for a week and a day starting tomorrow.  When I asked him where he was going he said “Arizona”   😦     Is OK, listening to the games and pictures from JonSooHoo I can wait till the boys come home.



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