Haikus for Matt Kemp & Video of Giveaway Gifts to Cancer striken Dodger Fan

By now everyone has seen the video of Matt Kemp giveaway gifts to a cancer striken young Dodger fan.  I have seen it many times since yesterday.    If you have not here it is

So in honor of Matt Kemp here are some humbling haikus

Swept by the Giants
Kemp comes up big with a kid
He Hit a Grand Slam

Cancer striken kid
Received jersey, ball and cleats
from goodwill Matt Kemp

Kemp could have walked out
After Dodgers lost series
But Kemp made us proud!

Stripped of self-pity
“Life is bigger than Baseball”
Said Kemp afterwards

We love you Matty!

At Kershaw Cy Young Award press conference, Kemp taking the time to pose with me.

Here is Kemp with Alyssa, a beautiful little girl that passed away with Cancer.  Since that happened, Kemp updated his twitter profile picture with a picture with Alyssa.

Kemp stopped by to take a picture with me at the Bluetopia movie premier in 2008.

Here is Kemp again posing with me one day I was on the field prior to a game.


  1. 9inningknowitall

    Kemp has always shown himself to be an amazing person. He takes the ‘Dodger way’ and goes well beyond that for the fans. He demonstrates just why baseball can be so amazing for everyone involved.

  2. Mateo Fischer

    I was truly amazed by Kemp’s generosity. I saw the video before reading this entry and I instantly had Kemp go up my favorite players in the game right now list. I for whatever reason thought he came off as cocky when I first came across Kemp, but from what I had even heard prior to seeing the video, I could tell he is actually a nice guy when comes to it, and this just tops it off and shows to what extent this is true. It’s really amazing.

    • 9inningknowitall

      Kemp really is awesome. I’ve been lucky enough to meet him a handful of times and he is great with the fans. He jokes, takes time for photos and always signs autographs when he can. His autograph is one of my all time favorites because of who he is.

  3. crzblue

    9inningknowitall, you are right, Kemp is great with the fans. There was this little girl that used to go to Dodger Stadium. Recently the little girl passed away with cancer. Ever since, Kemp changed his profile picture to a picture of him and Alyssa. I think I will update my post and include a picture of Kemp with Alyssa. She was such a cute girl.
    One time during a signing on a Saturday morning, I told him that we got in line after after the Friday night game at Dodger Stadium. He said “Wow” The following signing he had, he sent pizza to the people standing in line!

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