The Dodgers and Don Mattingly

The rumors have been flying high about Don Mattingly being fired soon. Even non-baseball fans at work have come to me saying “I hear Don Mattingly is getting fired soon.”

I am in the minority but I don’t think Mattingly is getting fired and I don’t think he should be fired.

Firing Mattingly seems like a sign of desperation. I doubt they find someone available that is better at this stage in the season. If management wants to do something they should have done it in the offseason.

I don’t think you can blame Mattingly for the Dodgers poor performance. I think that Mattingly is doing a fairly good job especially with all of the injuries plaguing the team. I do think that he should give Kemp a day off here and there and the same goes for Ethier and Crawford. If Van Slyke is fairly hot, play him.

So here is Thursday, a Dodger day off and the day that some think Mattingly will be fired. The Dodgers open up a three game series with the Cardinals. I think Mattingly will be there.

The matchups for this weekend:
Friday: Capuano faces Lance Lynn.   Capuano had two pretty good starts in his last two starts. 

Saturday: The game starts at 4:15 on Jaime Jarrin Bobblehead Night. Ted Lilly returns from the DL to face John Gast. I hope Ted Lilly pitches like he pitched on his first start instead of his second. It is also Jaime Jarrin Bobblehead day!  Game on Fox.

Sunday: Clayton Kershaw 🙂 against Shelby Miller.  I have not missed a game this year and I especially make it a point not to miss Kershaw’s games.  This game promised to be a good matchup.

One comment

  1. thinkredinstead09

    I agree. Donny baseball shouldn’t be fired just yet. Granted I understand the expectations that come from a payroll as vast as the boys in blue, but you can’t blame Mattingly for their lack of production & consistency from their line up. If anything their head trainer should be axed by allowing the players on & off the DL with inadequate evaluations & treatments. Hence Kemp’s stint on the DL once again.

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