Pictures from New York

I had a wonderful time in New York in our Baseball trip.  There was five of us in our group, four women and a guy.  At Yankee Stadium we ran into friends

Here in the picture, George, Rosie, Lorena & me.  Natalie that we run into her in New York and Trinidad. 


Everywhere we go, Yankee fans were saying how much they love Mattingly. 


I love this picture taken by Jon SooHoo of Mattingly and Mariano Rivera.

Joe from Brooklyn in the white Dodgers shirt with his Brooklyn hat and his umbrella.  Also in the picture Turtledip & her boyfriend,  Bob Bacon, Serena and her dad Joe, Lorena.  If you know anyone else, please ID.  We saw Dodger fans walking by and we asked them to be in the picture like the guy with the sombrero. 

We visited Jackie Robinson’s grave.   At the entrance we met Mr. T who when we asked him where Jackie Robinson’s grave he said “Is a long way up there…I can give you a ride there so we squeeze the five of us plus Mr. T in his Jeep Cherokee. 

We lid a candle for the Dodgers at the Cathedral of St Patrick.  I bought a St. Christopher’s medallion and a chain for me plus some other souvenirs.  I looked for St. Rita’s medallion but they did not have it. 

We visited the statue of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese at the site where the Brooklyn Cyclones play

We went to visit the former site of Ebbets Field.

I had to take a picture with Hilda Chester, the original Dodger fan. 

Met  a Giant fan that wanted for us to take a picture putting up our dukes.

I became a member of the Hall of Fame museum so I got my ticket free after paying $40 for membership, a $10 discount offered while we there.

We visited Citi Field where the Mets were playing the Cubs.
In the picture is Miss Puiggy who is traveling with me now.  She has visited Citi Field, Yankee Stadium and now Petco Park and of course Dodger Stadium is her home stadium. 

I was going to include the pictures of San Diego but I’ll wait for more pictures from Sunday and besides I forgot my camera at home but I do have my i-phone.  Lorena will share some pictures.


  1. crzblue

    Oh! so you are moving to Washington! wow! Good luck! Let me know when you come to Dodger Stadium.
    What a nice surprise seeing you walking inside Yankee Stadium. Great seeing you again. I have seen you at Dodger Stadium, Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium! Wow!

  2. Arigon Starr

    Emma, adore your “Miss Puiggy!! I’ve been taking around a small plastic dinosaur named “Drysdale” to all the major league parks as well. My friends did the NY trip this summer, too and took Drysdale to Cooperstown and Yankee Stadium. Drysdale has a painted Dodgers jersey with #53…and has visited Citi Field, Kauffman Stadium, Isotopes Park, Coors Field, Safeco Field, Petco, AT&T Park and of course, Chavez Ravine. Love reading your blog! Keep up the good work! — Arigon Starr, a Native American Dodger Fan!

  3. crzblue

    Thanks! Love that you named the dinosaur “Drysdale” Now I need to put a #66 on Miss Puiggy. Also I will make a little sign saying she is Miss Puiggy! I’ve been talking about putting the #66 on her back so thanks for reminding me to do this. By the next homestand she will be ready.

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