It’s Time for Dodger Baseball!!

It’s Time for Dodger Baseball!!

Ahhh.  I’ve been waiting for this day!   The first Dodger Spring Training game!  So

like the apron says “The Heck with housework!   Let’s see the Dodgers Play!”

Yesterday was also the launch of the Dodgers new TV Network: SportNetLA

When I got home from work, I spent all the evening watching  SportNetLA until past midnight.  While watching the station.

I also renewed my subscription to MLB at Bat so that I can listen to the game  while I work, at Dodger Stadium and on the road.

Today is 24 days till the Dodgers Opening Day in Australia.  When I think of #24, I think of

Walter Alston went on to manage the Dodgers on one-year contracts for 23 seasons (1954-1976).

Walter Alston, Baseball, Brooklyn Dodgers

Welcome back Baseball!  I missed you!!

Lunch and Baseball!   Baseball and food, my two favorite things!


  1. 32and53fan

    It’s a great feeling to have games back.
    I have to listen on the radio since Verizon FIOS has not agreed to terms with Time Warner yet. I have the app for watching certain live and on demand shows on TWC using my mother’s account, but the Dodgers are not there yet. In fact, TWC has not even updated their live schedule TV guide to include the SportsnetLA channel.

    Vin Scully is back
    his voice is soothing to me
    Happy day’s are here

  2. crzblue

    Really Brian? Wow! Sorry to hear that you do not have it yet. I watch it from the time I get home till I go to sleep. Tonight they had Orel interview Sandy. It was great! I know you would love it.

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