When Did You Fall in Love?

One of my favorite Dodger slogans was “When did you fall in love?”  Anyone remember it?  It was in 2008 when the Dodgers were celebrating 50 years of Major League baseball in Los Angeles.

When  you went to Los Angeles Union Station , you could see the walls of the long hallways lined with pictures of Dodger players and the words “When did you fall in love?”


morepics 011

morepics 023

morepics 024

I felt more in love with baseball in the last three games of the 1980 season when Dodgers had to play the last three games of the regular season with the Houston Astros.  Dodgers had to win all three games to force a playoff game.  They won all three games but felt way short on the extra playoff game that Monday.  They broke my heart that Monday but that offseason I went to Dodger Stadium and purchased one season ticket for the 1981 season.

I wonder what the Dodger slogan will be for 2015.

When did you fall in love?









  1. Matthew

    I feel in Love at my first game on my birthday in 96. I would watch games on TV but the love grew and stuck with me when I set foot inside of Dodger Stadium.

  2. Char Ham

    I had been listening to the Dodgers shortly after I was born. But when I feel in love with baseball when I was 9 or 10. Dinner time during baseball season consisted of listening to Dodger games. Every one in our family ( 4 of us) was pretty hooked to it. Laugh but I thought dinner time was like that in every household.

    • crzblue

      Matt! You must have been a baby back then. Sometimes I check fans_kids or adults when they walk inside Dodger stadium they the Top Deck. The look on some in awe of the fields is beautiful.
      Char!! I wish I could have starting watching baseball as a kid. What a lovely picture that makes! All at the table and Vin Scully’s voice coming out of the radio!
      Thank you got sharing!

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