Dodger Blogger Luncheon 2016

I was so looking forward to this event!  The Dodgers Bloggers luncheon!  Thank you Dodgers for inviting me!  I had a blast!

It was another beautiful day at Dodger Stadium!  It was windy but that only made the day better clearing all the smog so you could see a dust of snow in the San Gabriel mountains.

Beautiful Dodger Stadium.
What was in the lunch menu are six items that will be added to the food available for 2016.

King’s Hawaiian Dog
All beef quarter pound dog topped off with a pineapple salsa, served on King’s Hawaiian bread.
Locations:  Extreme Loaded Dogs: 248, 421, 736

Gouda Kobe Burger
1/3 lb premium wagyu (“Kobe” beef) topped off with caramelized onions, pickles and special dressing (1000 island)
Locations:  Elysian Park Grill: 222, 223, 422, 747, 748

Chicken Verde Sandwich
Grill marked chicken breast on telera bread with jalapeno aoili, lettuce, tomato and tomatillo verde sauce
Locations:  Healthy Cart: P420, P738, AMPM: 201; Marketplace: 205; Tony’s Stand: 420

Shock Top Bratwurst
Spicy pork bratwurst link infused with Shock Top beer served on a buttered and grilled lobster roll with caramelized onions and spicy brown mustard
Locations: Think Blue BBQ: 251 (grill Area Only)

Specialty Nachos Verde
Crispy tortilla chips with tomatillo verde sauce, pickled jalapeños and queso Cotija fresco
Locations: TBD

Smoked BBQ Wings Bundle
15 smoked chicken wings tossed in a BBQ sauce served with fries and veggie sticks with two soft drinks
Locations:  Think Blue BBQ: 251

Favorite:  the Gouda Kobe burger. Loved the potato bread too. Also, anything with Cotija cheese I like but I miss the sweet corn on the nachos. But everything was good. More BBQ sauce on the wings and fries please! Loved all the bread.

Some of giveaways:

Not pictured that I want:  the Boxer shorts on Father’s Day.

Thank you to all the Dodgers that helped put this especially David Siegel, Chef Jason Tingley, Janet Marie, Yvonne Carrasco and Jon who gave us a terrific tour. Go Dodgers!

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