Thank you Vin Scully

Dear Vin:

Thank you for soothing my soul and my heart. We have been through a lot. I have not helped you but you have helped me through some difficult times in my life. Your voice was my first introduction to the Dodgers. I remember that voice coming through a yellow Datsun truck.  That reminds me of something you said at the stadium when Datsun was a sponsored and you said “That soon”  then you said “that was bad”  Wish I can remember more about it but I remember hearing you and chuckling about it.

You amaze me with your stories.  I wish I could remember things as well as you do.  What is your secret Vin?  I cannot even remember peoples names sometimes.  I am good with numbers as I associate them with players numbers, Dodger and baseball events.  Perhaps I should associate names with players name.  Yes! That is what I will do!  See? You are still helping me Vin!  Thank you so much!!

Dear Vin:

Do you remember a a few years back a friend and I greeting you from lower levels yelling “VIN SCULLY! WE LOVE YOU!”  We got you attention at Dodger Stadium, Chase Field, Anaheim Stadium, San Francisco, Camelback Ranch & I did it at a Spring Training game in Cashman Field in Las Vegas where the Dodgers played the Cubs.  You were always so sweet to us getting up, acknowledging us and applauding us!  You made our day every single time!!!

Dear Vin,

One time in Arizona, we stayed at the team’s hotel and saw you in the lobby.  Timidly we approached you and told you “Hi Mr. Scully! We are the two crazy fans that greet you underneath your cabin..”  You said “Oh you are not crazy, I love your enthusiasm! What are your names?”  We proceeded to introduced ourselves then Vin repeated our names (sounded like music in his voice) and said “nice meeting you”.  My friend Lorena (who I met at Dodger Stadium about 12 years ago and since then we have shared many Dodger memories at the stadium and on the road) said that we had this look on our faces like kids in a candy store.  We were shy in front of Vin.   A friend that I told the story to asked if I had taken a picture. I said no.  She said it did not count.  I said it counts! The picture and the memory is in my heart and brain.

Dear Vin,

When.tou got your Hollywood Star in the Walk of Fame, I took the day off from work.  I took pictures with my small Kodak camera.   Those pictures are in one of my photo albums!

BTW, we started the greeting “Vin Scully We Love you” after hearing Vin tell the story of Hilda Chester, long time Dodger fan who once greeted Vin from below at Ebbets Field with “Vin Scully I Love you!”  Vin told the story in the air  imitating Hilda Chester’s deep voice.  Vin Scully said he was a young man then fresh between the ears.  He did not response but then Hilda said, and again Vin used a deep voice, “Vin Scully!  I am talking to you!” Ebbets Field being a small stadium, you could hear Hilda  well . 

Thank you so much Vin!! VIN SCULLY I LOVE YOU!!!







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