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Dodgers score 5 runs, we can score too!

Johnny Rockets has a special “When the Boys in Blue Score, We Score”   I like it!  The Dodgers score 5 runs and we can go to Johnny Rockets and score with a $5 Hamburger combo.    Here is the flyer:

For me, the closest one is at the Arcadia, Pasadena, Alhambra or Monterey Park.   Among other locations, there is also Burbank, Long Beach, Farmer Market area, Universal City Walk, TO, etc. 

Dodgers lost yesterday to the Tigers but they did score 5 runs.   Today Is an off day for the Dodgers so I think I am heading to Johnny Rockets after work.   Dodgers play the Angels starting Friday night.   Go Dodgers!  


Vote for Matt Kemp!   Vote for Andre Ethier!


Current Dodgers home trip and Road trip to see the Dodgers at Minnesota!

In this current homestand, the Dodgers are 1-5.  Terrible homestand so far.  They got swept by the Reds and they were on the verge of being swept by the Astros!  Imagine that!  The Astros who have the worst record in baseball.   They avoided the sweep by winning 1-0 on Sunday.    We tried going to play catch on the field after the game but the lines to get to the stadium were huge so we left. 

Now Dodgers start inter-league with the Detroit Tigers, then the Angels come to town.  I believe Kristen from will come to Dodger Stadium for one of those games.  I hope to meet her.   I will miss the game on Sunday since  my friend LuvtheDodgers23 and I will take the red eye on Saturday night.   Saturday is Photo Day at Dodger Stadium.   

But first The Tigers are in town.   Tonight Bill Slayback will sing the National Anthem and God Bless America.  I talked to Bill during one of the SABR meetings where he was a speaker.  He said he was a little nervous to sing at Dodger Stadium and that he might change his mind.  I hope he did not.  I am looking forward to hearing him sing.  Bill Slayback autographed 8x10 Photo (Detroit Tigers)


 In late 1973, as Hank Aaron was closing in on Babe Ruth’s home run record, Detroit Tigers pitcher Bill Slayback released this tribute to Hammering Hank.   Slayback wrote the music and the lyrics were penned by legendary Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell, a one-time Atlantan who, in the 1940s, had announced Atlanta Crackers games on WSB radio.

Wednesday is another Throwback weekday game.   Sadly I won’t be making this one.  My boss is on vacation so I’ll listen to the game while working.   I’ll miss the throwback uniforms that the Tigers will wear but I’ll catch the wonderful pictures that Jon SooHoo or Juan OCampo take at

So Saturday night we head to Minnesota to watch the Dodgers!  Hope they can beat the Twins.   We are excited about the trip.  I also want to go see the statue from the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I want to go there and take a picture while I also toss my hat.  I don’t have a hat like in the picture but I’ll toss my Dodger hat or this blue hat that LuvtheDodgers23 got me!   I know…a lot of fans of that show have done that but I want to do it too!   

I just learned that the type of hat that Mary Tyler Moore used is called a Tam or a Tammy.  From wikipedia:A Tam o’ Shanter (often abbreviated Tam or TOS) is a Scottish style hat originally worn by men. The hat is named after a character in a poem written by Robert Burns in 1790.

I hope to meet Randy from in Minnesota.  

Let’s go Dodgers!   Let’s Go!!!

Now I got that theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show in my head   “Who can turn the world on with her smile?…..

Happy Memorial Day! Thank You to those that have served Our Country

A year ago on Memorial Day I posted this post:  It contains the two poems “In Flanders Field” by Lieutenant-Colonel John Mc Crae and “We Shall Keep the Faith” from Mona Michael.    They are two powerful poems.     

To all those that have served our country and specially those that paid with their lives, a big thank you!    Like the poem “WeShall Keep the Faith” says “The blood of heores never dies.”  

I found this list of Brooklyn Dodger players in service during WW11:

Rex Barney
Boyd Bartley
Jack Bolling
Bobby Bragan
Les Burge (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Al Campanis
Hugh Casey
Claude Corbitt
Cliff Dapper
Lloyd “Dutch” Dietz
John Douglas
Red Durrett
Al Falzone (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Herman Franks
Larry French
Roland Gladu
Jack Graham (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Ray Hathaway
Joe Hatten (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Chris Haughey
Ed Head
Billy Herman
Gene Hermanski
Kirby Higbe
Gil Hodges
Chet Kehn
Frank Laga (minor league player on Dodgers roster)
Cookie Lavagetto
Vic Lombardi
Cal McLish
Gene Mauch
Rube Melton
Eddie Miksis
Mickey Owen
Don Padgett
Pee Wee Reese
Pete Reiser
Lew Riggs
Johnny Rizzo 
Stan Rojek
Bill Sayles
Joe Soskovic (minor league player on Dodgers roster)

In addition from the Los Angeles Dodgers, we have Roy Gleason


Roy Gleason at Dodger Stadium during a Camera Day. 

Roy Gleason


22-28 record for the Dodgers after 50 games

After 50 games, the Dodgers are 22-28.  Needless to say it has been tough from the injuries, the state of the Dodgers and the beating of Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium.  As all have heard by now the family of Bryan Stow is suing the Dodgers for 30 million.   It was expected.   This is just another nail on the McCourts.   Wish all this was just a nightmare and we can wake up and go back to when the O’Malleys owned the team.   

After the nightmare of the game where the the Dodgers and Kershaw were winning 3-1 in the 9th inning and Kenley Jensen let it get away, it was a relief to have a game where everything went better on Tuesday night.   Billingsley went out winning 5-4.   Rubby De La Rosa made his MLB debut in the 8th inning getting all three outs.  Rookie Javy Guerra came in the 9th and got the save.   Rookie Jerry Sands blasted a grand slam in the third inning.       

It was a rookielecious win!

We are back! The fan MLB Blogs have been updated!

Thank you to Mark and all the MLB helpers that worked on the transition.  Working in IT, I know how migrations can take long,long  hours.  

Dodgers have been in a rut.  They lost two out of three from the D’backs.   Now they lost the first game against the Brewers.   Is rare that we get two two-game series back to back.  The first two with the Brewers and the second two game series with the Giants.  

Talking about the Giants, I was happy to hear that Bryan Stow was able to be moved closer to home.   I always keep him in my prayers that he will recover.   it must have been so hard on his family living out of a hotel in order to be close to him.   Get well Bryan.  

Today was the Dodgers home game #22.  I have been to all the home games so far.  It was a cold night at the Ravine and the Dodgers bats have been even colder.  

Rain is expected for tomorrow but hopefully the game gets underway.  So far this season there has been more cancelled games due to the weather than all season last year. 

Kuroda-san matches up against ex Dodger Randy Wolf Tuesday night.   Go Dodgers!