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A Split & 90090

We split the 4 game series with the Phillies!   I watched 3 of the 4 from my beloved Dodger Stadium.  I had to miss Sunday’s game as I had an early flight to N.H. where I am working this week.  I will miss the two game series this week with the Padres.   Dodgers have two days off this week (Monday & Thursday).   

Andre Ethier had two Walk-offs!   Friday night it was in the 9th inning and Saturday afternoon in the 12th innings!   It was so incredible watching the walk-offs at the stadium and walking down the row hi-fiving everyone!

Earlier before the Saturday game, Dodger Stadium officially got their own zip code!   90090!  After watching the official presentation on the field, I headed upstairs to my seat when I noticed that representatives of the post office were selling player’s stamps with the official zeal.  I bought one from each player they had (9) and I also bought a cool envelope and a set of 50 anniversary Dodger postcards that I had them add the zeal.  In addition, I had my ticket stamped.   Check it out!  I love, love this stamp collection!  

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I landed at Logan airport only to discover that my luggage did not make it.  My co-worker’s luggage arrived but not mine.  American airline (evil) said they’ll deliver it to the hotel which is about one hour away from Logan.   They also said they stopped delivering at 11:p.m. so I bought me the essentials to get me bybut I am not happy :-(.   I sure hope my luggage is at the hotel by the time I get back from work Monday evening.