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Dodgers get swept in St Louis. Deuce, the Four year Dodger fan

The four year old Deuce sits in the Left Pavilion with his mom and dad.   Late in the game, between innings, he comes down from his seat and dances.   We love watching him dance and do his routine like he has a guitar on his little hands.   He is often put on the big screen that now everyone including the players know him.  He gets quite a round of applause. 

Here is Deuce with Jeff Weaver in the background.

Deuce with Jeff Weaver in the back.jpg

With Jeff Weaver in the background, I asked him how does Jeff smiles:  


Here is Deuce showing his dancing moves:

Deuce dancing.jpg

Here is Deuce and I during BP prior to one of the games against the Yankees.  This is the game Jane of Confessions of a she-Fan attended.    

Thumbnail image for Deuce and Crzblue.jpg

Deuce with Jeff Weaver in the back. 

I found Deuce and his dad at the All-Star FanFest.  

July 7 2010 All-Star FanFest Deuce .jpg 


Dodgers got swept at St Louis.  It reminded me of my last trip to ST Louis in 2006 when the Dodgers also got swept on a four game series.   Padilla should have won that game.    The bullpen just could not hold on to that win.

Here is Linda and I in 2006 representing the Blue in a sea of red.    

linda and I in St Louis.jpg

Dodgers return home to play three games with the Giants and a four game series with the Mets!   I hope they play better at home!   James Loney Boblehead is Tuesday.     

The Cubs at Dodger Stadium. FanFest Weekend.

I spent Wednesday at Anaheim going to the orientation session in order to volunteer for the FanFest.  

I have the second shift noon to 5 p.m. Friday, Sunday and Monday.  I will try to change Sunday to the 1st shift of 9 a.m. to Noon so that I have time to make it to the game on Sunday. 

I left Saturday open since is Photo Day at Dodger Stadium followed by the game.   Saturday is also the Poster Day for the Big Blue Wrecking forum.   

I am looking forward to meeting PastorKyle and seeing the rest of the posters of the forum.   There will be other people there as part of the group for those BBWC posters that could not make it. 

Thank you BabyToes for putting this together.  Babytoes is also volunteering at the FanFest.  Here is Babytoes next to the All-Star Mickey Mouse:


July 7 2010 All-Star Mickey Mouse and Toes.jpg 

Linda (behindblueeyes) is also volunteering.  Here she is also posing with the All-Star Mickey Mouse.

July 7 2010 All-Star Mickey Mouse .jpg 


ethier_actionfigure.gifThe Cubs are at Dodger Stadium for a four game series.   Today is All-Star Andre Etheir action figure.   This is figure two (first one was Matt Kemp).  The last one will be of Manny Ramirez.  It is only for kids 14 and under but let’s see how I can get a hold of one.  

 They did a video at the stadium of Matt Kemp and the action figure.  I can’t wait to see the one with Andre tonight.  

And I can’t wait to see Andre at the All-Star game.  I will be in the right field side, upper deck.  

Let’s Go Dodgers!   Is Cub hunting season again!  



All-Star FanFest in the works.  This guy with the Strasburg jersey is also volunteering.

July 7 2010 All-Star Fanfest in the works.jpg 

 More All-Star FanFest in the works

July 7 2010 All-Star FanFest in the works .jpg