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The NL loses another All-Star game / Mannywood is back

I am so sick of seeing the National League lose year after year to the American League!  I am sick of it!    Also that it was the National League West pitchers that gave up all the runs.   Ugh.  

C’mon Bud Selig!  get rid of that stupid rule that the game determine homefield advantage!   Ever since you made that rule, you put a curse to the N.L.!   

OK, serenity now.  We won’t need the stinking homefield advantage.  Time to move to the second half.   I am so ready to get back to the stadium.  

For those Manny lovers and haters, checkout what is happening at Dodger Stadium:.  

 Yep, Mannywood is back.   Thursday will be Manny’s first game back at Dodger Stadium.