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Dodger Blue Christmas Presents 2012

I have not posted anything since Christmas Eve so is long overdue!  Here a picture of some of my Christmas presents  (some from me to me :-)) 

christmas presents 2012

1.  Dodger blanket!  I love love my Dodger blanket!  Now I know why Lorena loves hers!  Bought this at Dodger Stadium.   It is so soft!  perfect for this cold weather.  It has been raining lately and for me is too cold.  It is currently 43 degrees at 10:40 p.m. PST.  You can see snow from the San Gabriel mountains. 

2.  Dodger hats.  My two teddy bears are sporting my two new Dodger hats.   Bought these hats at Dodger Stadium

3.  Dodger piggy bank!    Found this one at Big 5. 

4.  I included my season ticket mug.   As I had mentioned before, I have lost my last two on the train so I welcome having another one. 

5.   Baseball nutcracker!  I added the LA logo on the hat.  Victor found this one at Target.  It was the last one they had. 

I included the two baseball related Christmas cards like the one the Dodger included with Tommy Lasorda and the one my friend Kent sent me from Maine.  He gets special Red Sox Christmas cards from the Jimmy Fund foundation.  I would love to be able to buy Dodger Christmas cards.  

Hope everyone got nice gifts for Christmas but more important that everyone is healthy.  

Thursday 12/27/2012 I went to the see an optometrist  to spend my flex dollars.  Yeah…procrastinating until the end.  I thought I would get my eyes examined, get new glasses and be on my way home.   Well, after the doctor dilated my eyes, he said “What kind of insurance do you have?”  I said “Why”  then he said  “you have a horseshoe retina tear in your left eye and you should take care of that as soon as possible”  So off I went from  Pasadena to Kaiser Urgent Care.  The family doctor that saw me had the nurse call the ophthalmologist.  I was sent to the building where the ophthalmology offices are.  About 15 minutes later the doctor showed up, he examined me and prepared me for laser surgery.   It was a long day but I am glad that it was taken care of.  

My advice to anyone is that if you are having an eye exam, have your eyes dilated, don’t keep postponing having your eyes dilated.   If you noticed you have a floater, have your eyes checked.   My eye tear could have progressed into a retina detachment.   My left eye is feeling fine but i  do have another appointment on Thursday January 3, 2013.