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Dodgers Damaged Goods… Spring Training plans! Get Well Roberto.

Took this picture back in December when we went to Dodger Stadium to do a little Christmas shopping.   We thought it was funny finding these two t-shirts in the box.  

Manny and Schmidt Damaged shirts.jpg


Spring Training plans this year:   

My friend LTD23 and I settled on the dates we will be at Camelback Ranch!  We will be there the first weekend in March and the last weekend of March.   YIPPY!!!   I can’t wait! 

We will see our beloved Dodgers against the White Sox on 3/6 and 3/7 and Monday at Scottsdale against the hated Giants.    On 3/27, we will see our bums against Seattle at Camelback Ranch and Sunday we will travel to see them against Cincinnati and Monday travel to see them against Cleveland.   I hope, I hope I hope I will see Bob Feller!  

 Get well Roberto.

Just found out that Roberto of from Vin Scully is my Homeboy  is battling some health problems.  He said he had about 6 blood tranfusions and the doctors don’t know what it is.   My thoughs and prayers are wtih you Roberto.   Hopefully the doctors will find what is wrong and you can get off the D.L.     


Looking back at The Dodgers and the 00 Decade

The 00 decade saw me going from single games, to mini packages to returning to being a season ticket holder.

When I review my Dodger pictures, what I remember from the 00 decades are the thrill of victories, the friends that I have made because of baseball and or the Dodgers, the friends that I continue to have, the sadness for departed players, the pain by the beloved players that have used PEDs, the way I have learned to accept that we can’t win every game but still the frustration of some of those winnable games, my beloved Dodger Stadium, the road trips, Vero Beach, Camelback Ranch, the game at the Coliseum, the Dodger float at the Rose Parade, the Bluetopia movie, the Dodger Star in Hollywood Walk of fame, my family and non-baseball friends accepting and understanding for my love for the Dodgers.     


Dodgers  Most Remembered during this 00 Decade.  

Vin Scully.    Hearing Vin Scully on the radio or TV or when I ride the elevator at the stadium brings a big smile to my face.   He is the reason I carry a radio to the stadium. 

Adrian Beltre. My first and last player’s jersey. After his departure, I vowed not to get a current player’s jersey.  My next jersey was a Jackie Robinson jersey.  

Paul Lo Duca.  He lingered in the minor league for a while.   From 2001 to 2004, he hit .288 and hit 55 homers and 286 RBIs.  I cried when I heard him crying when he found out he got traded to the Marlins.

Eric Gagne.  Oh, how electrifying it was to listen to “Welcome to the Jungle” when he exit the bullpen gate. There was such energy from the entire stadium with the anticipation of him coming into the game.

Paul Lo Duca and Eric Gagne: How dissapointed I was when I read the Mitchell report.

Shawn Green He hit 91 homers in a two-year span, including four of them in a single game at Milwaukee on May 23, 2002. Shawn just went quietly about his business. He was such a nice guy.

Here is a picture of Shawn Green with Sandy Koufax:


Jeff Kent.  He was the Dodgers’ best offensive player for the bulk of his four seasons with the club.  He got a raw deal with a writer from the L.A. Times.   I am glad that he got to host the WIN Baseball clinic for four years so that we, the fans that attended those events and others he attended got to see a more approachable and friendly Jeff Kent.  

 Derek Lowe.  Reliable, never been on the disabled list.   At times, I felt bad for the lack of run support.   I made it a point to go by the bullpen after his starts to praise his starts when he lost.   He was nice and friendly with the fans.  He helped Jeff Kent at one of the WIN baseball games 

Manny Ramirez.  He energized the team when he was traded during the July 2008 tradeline.  His production dropped off after his return from his suspension but one must also remember that he got hit on the wrist after coming back.  Likable and friendly when my friends and I met him by coincidence in the parking lot during Spring Training.      

Andre Ethier. There was no other player I’d like to see when the game was on the line than Andre.  He lead the majors with six walk-off hits in 2009 and a total of nine walk-off hits in 2008 and 2009 combined, with five of those hits home runs. What an incredible year he had in 2009.  

Arizona countered my Fastballs with Curveballs!

So you all read about my 4 trips to Camelback Ranch during The Dodgers Spring Training right?  Well, Arizona countered my Fastballs with Curveballs!!  

I knew in one of those trips our picture was taken on the freeway but what do I get in the mail?  Not one, not two, but THREE speeding tickets!!

I was like Oh No!  That is not me on the pictures!!! 

Surely I should have slowed down or  taken this

on closer examination of the dates and times I was like

See full size image


What???!?   Two tickets within 3 minutes???????




Surely there must be something I can do about at least removing one!

Arizona is

evil, evil, evil. 

36 cameras on the following freeways 10, 101, 51, 60, 117,   Take a look at this link for all the camera locations http://photoenforcement.azdps.gov/Cameras/  

Pics from inside Camelback Ranch

dodgers 474.jpg


Clayton Kershaw warming up.

dodgers 464.jpg!

dodgers 475.jpg 

O’Dog at the plate. 

I have yet to see a win at Camelback Ranch but there is still another weekend after the WBC games this weekend at Dodger Stadium.  



official locker room[1].jpg

Official Locker Room for the Dodgers!


all pictures are mine except the lockeroom is from one of my cousin that took the tour before ballpark was done. 

Meet my traveling friends.

Here are my friends.  Yeah, is just shadows of us.  One of them wants it that way.   Pic taken at Camelback Ranch March ’09.

Friend1, friend2, me and and maybe a future friend at the end.   Check out my pic in my profile.  did not know my friend had taken that pic at the stadium last year šŸ™‚

Dodgers 061.JPG

TroyfromWestVirginia’s Youtube “We are the L.A. Dodgers”

I first met TroyfromWestVirginia last year when I went on a road trip that took me first to Yankee Stadium then PNC.    I had seen his tribute to Joe Beimel before so when he walked infront of me, I recognized him!.  

Yesterday I ran into him again at Camelback Ranch.  For those that don’t know anything about Troy, he is a big Joe Beimel fan.  He is the reason why Joe got a bobblehead.   I took a picture with him and his sign saying “Bring Beimel Back”.  I  I posted the in my prior thread. As the game progressed, I spotted him behind home plate when our pitching started to fall apart, he was displaying his sign and getting other fans to chant with him “Bring Beimel back!’  running up and down trying to get the attention of whoever was in the suites upstairs.   I told the people sitting next to me who he was.  

Troy’s original youtube was titled “The Legend of Joe Beimel”.  He has done many since the but I like this tribute song he did  titled “We are the L.A. Dodgers”.   Great job with the song Troy!  

We Are the LA Dodgers - 2009

Meanwhile back at the Ranch, part 3. (3/8/09)

I got back from Camelback at about 10:45 p.m.    This was my second weekend there and….there might be another one next week.    I have friends that are going already soooo I might also go. 

Camelback Ranch scoreboard.  Notice the distinction of the logo.     

Cdodgers 444.jpg

Larry King was very gracious, posing for pictures and signing autographs! 

dodgers 452.jpg

The famous Troy from West Virginia!  He is the reason why Joe Beimel got a bobblehead.   He got plenty of Youtube videos showing his total support for Jjoe. 

dodgers 455.jpg

We found the minor league area where we watched our Baby Blue practicing!!  The kid standing up smiling is Preston Mattingly.  We saw Johnson pitching well.   Dodgers could have used him today.  

dodgers 463.jpg