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Anyone had the Cincinnati Chili?

A long time ago I used to have a boyfriend that when he went to Cincinnati, he used to bring me chili back.  It was gooood!   

I have only been to the Cincinnati aiport coming back from St Louis.   I had gone to a four game series in St Louis where my Dodgers managed to lose all four.   I had traveled with a friend.  While waiting at the airport, I told my friend that I was going for a little walk.  I  lost track of time at the small Borders reading a baseball book.  When I got back everyone was gone!  I asked what happened and the guy told me I had just missed the flight.  My friend did not even bothered to call me reminding me!   Some of you know that friend.  She has a blog “BehindBlueEyes”.  Anyway, she said she kept waiting for me to show up.   Soooo, I waited like five hours more for another flight.  

While waiting, I started talking  this guy that works for the airline and telling him my troubles.  He saw that I had a Dodger shirt, a baseball hat, and a baseball book in my hands.  He started quizzing me with baseball questions.  He told me he was a Giant fan.  Anyway, he must have taken pity on me when I asked him “What am I going to do here at the aiport?”, that he sent me to the VIP room where I settled posting in my friend’s blog and sipping on cosmos.   Oh yeah, with all that time I had, I got to try the chili too.  

One of the questions I remember the Giant fan asking me was “who was the last switch-hiter to win the A.L. MVP?”.

This weekend my boys are playing Dusty Baker’s Reds.   Chad Billingsley who is from Defiance, Ohio goes against Homer Bailey.   I am not sure how far Defiance is from Cincinnati but Chad should have friends and family there.   Homer is from Texas. 

I did not know this:  In 2008, Homer Bailey released a charity wine called “Homer Bailey’s Chardonnay” with 100% of his proceeds supporting Outdoors Without Limits, an organization committed to help reduce the barriers that prevent disabled people from enjoying the great outdoors.   Way to go Homer!

Let’s Go  Billz!!  Let’s Go Dodgers!!